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Patch (27) released December 8th, 2004. Release notes can be read here.

Special Note about Mektoub Packers

In the patch 1, in order to set the Mektoub packers gameplay as intended, your Meks were taken out of their stable and spawned next to you in the closest capital city to you. It didn't prove to be much of an issue (with the odd exception) as players could access the inventories from any stable around Atys. In patch 26, Mektoub packers were changed so that the inventory was now only accessible from the stable they are housed in. This caused someproblems to certain players who had their Mektoubs far, far away.

We have decided to let all player use a command just *ONCE* per Mektoub packer. This command allows you to summon each of your Mektoub packers just *ONCE* to your location. We recommend you use this command when near a stable so you can safely put your Mek inside.

In order to summon your Mektoubs, you need to type the following command: /a summonPet #petNumber (ex: 1 for packer1)... so as an example "/a summonPet 1"

Bug Fixes


  • Invulnerability and anti-magic shield are now working as intended against spells like Blind, Fear...
  • Toxic clouds do not harm a player who is using his invulnerability power anymore.
  • If you have just removed someone from your team, you no longer need to change your targeted person and then re-target the player in question to reinvite him into your team.
  • You should encounter fewer tribes and fauna wandering in the territories.

Foraging & Prospecting

  • Some loots related to missions were missing. You can now fulfil these missions.


  • The high quality large shield crafting plan was not correctly set (previously crafting a buckler).


  • The Mouse Hardware checkbox from the in-game Options is now operational.


  • The dodge modifier values have been fixed.
  • All NPCs didn't use their ranged weapons. Be warned, now they should!