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de:Hilfe:Ein Konto erhalten
en:Help:Get an account
es:Ayuda:Obtener una cuenta
fr:Aide:Obtenir un compte
ru:Справка:Получить учетную запись
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Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-12-07)

To contribute to EncyclopAtys, the Ryzom wiki, you must be registered. There are two ways to get an account:

  • The simplest is to log in with Ryzom, you must then use the name of your character and the password of the account on which it is located. The registration will be automatic.
  • The second, more traditional, is to request your registration on the special page: Request an account. You will have to choose a username that is directly related to one of your characters, otherwise the request will be rejected.
see also: Help:Why create an account?