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Hunting's my game, homin, and this place is teaming, you know. I'm often in need of extra hands for collecting materials, gathering information on the local fauna and protecting these 'ere hunting grounds for the prosperity of my kinfolk.

Unnamed Hunter

Hunters are wandering mission givers. They give mostly combat missions, and will pay dapper for their completion. Completing their missions will also give a small fame gain with the group the hunter belongs to, but not much, the dapper is the primary reward.

Hunters can work for either one of the 4 civilisations, or for one of the local tribes. Whichever it is though, they require that you have at least positive fame with the group they belong to before they will give you missions.

Hunters tend to have:

  • 1 crafting missions (ammo)
  • 2 creature killing mission (herbivores, carnivores)
  • 2 targetting mission (herbivores, carnivores)
  • 6 quartering missions (carnivores, herbivores)