Imperial Institutional Organisation

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Imperial Institutional Organization
Imperial Institutional Organisation



1. Advisory role

  • The Emperor can delegate simple decisions to it but remains the only decicison-making power
  • The laws apply to all patriots, therefore also to members of other institutions
  • akenak can request missions to the army but not impose

2. akenak is the name of the assembly

  • akenakos is the name of its members, but the Fyros tend tp abbreviate the term by simply saying akenak

3. Guards of the city + patrols

4. Role of research and teaching

  • The political institution can call on the Academy to carry out research or put its knowledge into practice in the field
  • The Master of a discipline is named talumetimos (teacher)
  • talumetin = teaching ; talumetinos = the teacher ; talumetimètos = the student ; talumetimak = the academy ; talumetimakos = the chancellor ; talumum = the library

5. Justice can judge all patriots, members of other institutions included • Only the Emperor and his family can not be judged

6. shamofirètos: The Burning Faces (temporary term not to be used yet)

  • Personal bodyguards of the Emperor
  • Obey only the Emperor
  • The Emperor may entrust them with special missions.


A. Lykos

B. Lyan Cexius

C. Ibiphan Dynix

D. Dios Apotheps

E. Icaphotis Dydilus

F. Pimokos Lyron

G. Ibiritis Ibirus

H. Teaching the Imperial Law

I. Craftmanship To be filled

J. To be filled

K. Combats, tactics To be filled

  • Proposal: Chair of the Sword instead of Chair of the Axe.

L. Logistics, siege, morale To be filled

M. To be filled

N. Entomology (Kitinology) To be filled

O. Aeryx Xan

P. atalùchtalos = truth tellers To be filled

Q. Denatys Deukos

R. Formerly: Abycus Zecops To be filled