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Crafting's my line, homin, with the added difference that I travel from place to place to do it. You'll find me near outposts, tribe camps, outside towns and villages, anywhere that business calls. I'm often on the lookout for any willing homin to gather materials for me, or to give me a hand to make items to meet a pressing order. Some of these items call for knowledge of crafting techniques of other civilizations.

Unnamed Journeyman

Journeyman are wandering mission givers. The missions they give are mostly crafting and gathering, and the journeyman doesn't pay for their completion; rather he rewards you with a more substantial gain in fame.

Journeyman can work for either one of the 4 civilisations, or for one of the local tribes. They give out missions to anyone who wants them regardless of their fame, so they're useful for working up your fame with tribes you're in the far negative with.

Journeyman tend to have:

  • 4 crafting missions (jewelry, ranged & melee weapons, armor)
  • 4 foraging missions
  • 3 quartering missions (carnivores, herbivores)