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Taxonomic Amber
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Main Ecosystem(s) Forest and Prime Roots
Attack type Slash

A disarming squat predator with protruding eyes and powerful hind legs for leaping. The skin on its back contains short, sharp, stocky-based spines which help deter larger predators. On attack the jugular lunges up for its victim's throat latching on with its claws while sinking its fangs into the neck to drain the victim of its blood. Can be found mainly in the forests and Prime Root regions of Atys, though has been spotted in jungle areas.[1]

Anomaly Anomaly.
Jugulas cannot be found in the Jungle, even though it is officially stated that they can be found there.

Main Details

  • Naturally immune to Slow Movement and Slow Attack.
  • Moderate resistance to Rot and Cold magic, as well as piercing damage.
  • Jugulas can inject health deteriorating poison into their prey.
Anomaly Anomaly.
The damage done by jugula poison cannot be decreased by poison protection, nor any other magic protection.

Valued Resources

Jugulas, when killed, can be quartered for:

Exceptional Specimens

Destroyer Jugula



Hierarchy of Species

Level Name
255 Great Jugula
245 Horrific Jugula
235 Awesome Jugula
224 Terrifying Jugula


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