Kaunera the Headstrong

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de:Kaunera der Eigensinnige
en:Kaunera the Headstrong
es:Kaunera el Intratable
fr:Kaunera l'intraitable
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Personal Amber
Kaunera the Headstrong
Race Fyros
Gender Male
Organization <not national (Rangers...)>
Worship Neutral
Faction Marauders
Guild Black Sawdust Merchants
Birth ?
Death ?
Non-playable character

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Homin of fyros origin wearing black armor, armed with a sword and a dagger of matte manufacture.

His main character traits

Kaunera is a very professional assassin. He is known among Marauders for never having failed a mission: when you ask the Headstrong for a task, you are sure of the result.

Very maniacal and meticulous, he likes a job well done and is always looking for perfection. He is also particularly insensitive: for him, only the mission matters. So, whatever the objective of the mission, he does everything to achieve it. Beware of the homins who will cross his path.

Used in the art of torture, it is always equipped with a set of needles of different sizes and diameters. He also owns a small desert sandbag. He particularly likes to slice the flesh of the homin he tortures and then pour this sand into it, so that the wound cannot be cleaned and that incidentally, the victim suffers all the more and ends up confessing everything. Few homins have resisted this torture and its use of needles. He is particularly proud to have brought the elite of the sharük, a Burnt Face, to the table.