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Author: Nevrax
Graphics API: OpenGL and DirectX
Programming Language: C/C++
Operating Systems: Windows and Linux
Status: Stable
Website: Link

NeL (Nevrax Library) is a toolkit for the development of massively online universes. It provides the base technologies and a set of development methodologies for the development of both client and server code.


NeL was developed by a French company called Nevrax for their mmorpg game Ryzom. Then the free software community made a fork of Nevrax's version of NeL and it becomes openNel. Don't hesitate, and join the effort to build the best platform for Massively Multi User Worlds![1]

Latest News

Tentative End of OpenNeL Fork

I'm happy to announce that the new owners of Ryzom have made significant efforts to embrace GPL. One of the big moves that they made was contacting us in the community and working with us. Additionally they have gone through efforts to set up new repositories and shared tools hosted on the Ryzom network for both internal NeL developers and community members.

To cut to the chase - this means that OpenNeL will be ceasing activity on its fork and will begin merging the fork back into the official GPL NeL hosted on the Ryzom network. While some may view this with mixed feelings I can say personally that the vast majority of the NeL/OpenNeL community is happy, excited and anxious to start it's new adventure with the new owners of Ryzom.

We've been approached with respect and interest and are no longer falsely considered a liability. I think that this positive view of our contributions will go a long way to foster a strong, fruitful relationship and we certainly hope it will go a long ways to bettering NeL and ultimately Ryzom.

Please see the official announcements and new site for more information.

And please, from here forward, update the new site as in a matter of months this site will no longer be accessible.[2]