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As you can guess, I patrol the area. But I also give out tasks for the enforcement of law and order, for surveillance and protection as well as a number of tasks connected to my own personal needs, in munitions mainly. You can't expect an 'omin to stand guard and wash 'is socks at the same time, can ya!

Unnamed Patroller

Patroller are wandering mission givers. The missions they give are mostly combat based, and the patroller doesn't pay for their completion; rather he rewards you with a more substantial gain in fame.

Patrollers can work for either one of the 4 civilisations, or for one of the local tribes. They give out missions to anyone who wants them regardless of their fame, so they're greatly useful for working up your fame with tribes you're in the far negative with.

Patrollers tend to have:

  • 3 crafting missions (ammo, ranged & melee weapons, armor)
  • 3 creature killing missions (plants, primitives, kitin, herbivores, carnivores)
  • 1 targetting mission (kitin)
  • 1 delivery mission (to a town NPC, so not as bad as most delivery missions)
  • 1 exploration mission
  • 2 homin killing missions (bandits, tribes)