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Taking “Eleytheria” as the name and highest principle. “Eleytheria” is the word for “Freedom” from an ancient language. Freedom is our highest principle. With freedom, however, comes responsibility. Members of Eleytheria are responsible for their own enjoyment and success in life on Atys. To be free, one must respect the freedom of others. Free people benefit from voluntary association with others. Cooperation and helping each other for mutual benefit is expected. Eleytherians are encouraged to take initiative in creating guild policy and organizing guild activities. Every free-person should act as a leader to the extent of his/her abilities. In this way, we grow together. In keeping with our highest principle, every member is free to leave Eleytheria at any time. Eleytheria intends to leave its mark on Atys society and history.

General Information

File:Ely icon.png

  • Server: Arispotle
  • Homeland: Burning Desert
  • Guild Hall: Central Lane, Pyr
  • Races Allowed: All
  • Faction: Kami
  • Civilization: None
  • Role-Play: Semi
  • Guild System: Democracy
  • Leader: All Eleytherians

Guild Website