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The Fyros want to be the warrior people of Atys. His supreme values are courage and glory. The Fyros 'great ambition is to hunt down the "Dragon", The Creature suspected of having caused the great fires that preceded kitin's invasions. Not very fond of nature, the Fyros tend more and more to approach the Kamis.

Truth, Honor, Discipline and Justice are the values of all Native Fyros"'

We are the Champions of the Desert and we respect a strict code of honor. We are the Warriors of knowledge and have sworn to pursue forever our quest for the truth behind the Dragon of myth. Neither the laws of Jena nor the prohibitions of the Karavan will prevent us from digging into the bowels of Atys, from which we have already extracted many mysterious and evil relics.

"We are the Guardians of the most fertile regions. In fact, no one but us has had the courage to rebuild the cities in the burning desert where the Dragon is in danger of resurfacing.

From the top of these hostile dunes, we will rebuild our New Empire, make it stronger, and forge our alliance with the Kamis whose magic we proudly use. We also aspire to further develop our knowledge of making tools and weapons forged by fire to accompany our search for truth.

If you're sharp and fair, join our ranks, homin. An Empire awaits you!"'

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