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de:Portal Spiel/Gemeinschaft
en:Portal Game/Community
es:Portal Juego/Comunidad
fr:Portail Jeu/Communauté
ru:Портал Гейм/Oдушевление
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2022-05-09)

Behind the scenes of the game, many members of the Ryzom community, mostly volunteers, maintain and improve the "Ryzom Project". They are found in various specialized groups under the responsibility of a "Management Team" represented by

Manager: Tamarea
Leader: Tykus
Member: Kimyh

The specialized teams ensure the maintenance of the servers, the basic software (client / server) and the ARK, or set up the animations that bring the story to life, also assist the players in their own "role-playing game". Some also have the mission of maintaining the consistency of the "Official Lore" that he gradually reveals during small "games" sometimes discreet sometimes integrated, even without their knowledge, in the life of avatars. Finally, the CSR provide the "support service" and moderation essential to the friendliness of members.

These teams, commonly called ""team"", are associated with the "guilds" of the game and are: