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Taxonomic Amber
Puo-Kean 512².jpg
Kingdom Plants
Category Herb
Main Ecosystem(s) Prime Roots
Counterattack type None

The puo-kean is a legume that thrives only on sites in the Prime Roots that receive a minimum of daylight through some of the few rifts that dot the bark of Atys. Its general appearance can be described as that of a suvue with clawed foliage.

Its flower contains an active principle known to Zoraï healers for its delaying effect[1] of the action of the medicinal preparations where it is incorporated after infusion. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain: the puo-kean, in fact, not only does not bloom every spring, but its bloom is exceptionally fleeting. Thus, if some specimens could be collected recently[2] on the outskirts of Demon's Lap, in the Forbidden Depths, , it is only thanks to the precise indications given kami.

一━══ ⧼⧽ ══━一
Puo-Kean under a daylight beam

Chronicles and related texts

  1. Hence its name: in taki, puo means long and kean, time.
  2. see the announcement and minutes of the Fallenor 2612-3 expedition

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