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Refugees’ Days Refugees’ Days AnimationsOOC AnimationsOOC
de:Tage des Lichts/Veranstaltungen
en:Refugees’ Days/Animations
es:Dias de los Refugiados/Eventos
fr:Fête des réfugiés/Animations
ru:Дни выживших/События
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Eggs, Eggs, Eggs...


Egg hunt

  • Come and hunt for eggs, all around Atys, including Silan.
    This year, Gubunnies have dropped eggs different sizes and egg related items

Mission: Break some Eggs

  • You dreamed of it, the Brotherhood of the Fortunate Gubani did it!
    Go see O'Duny Shazzy at the foot of the hill where Chiang the Strong stands on Silan. In exchange for a single Refugee Egg , he'll assign you a mission that, if you carry it out, will allow you to decorate your apartment.
    Moreover, fulfilling the mission will allow you to unlock another one, harder to achieve but bearing similar rewards. Four missions of increasing difficulty will so be successively proposed to your perseverance.
    Decorate your apartment in the colors of the Refugees and live the Spring every day!
depending on egg sizeand chance, you ca obtain the following prizes:
Ryzhome Decors
Description Icon Effect
Focus egg Restores focus
Stamina egg Restores stamina
Life egg Restores health points
Sap egg Restores sap
Speed egg Effect identical to speed stanza
Invulnérability egg Effect identical to invulnérability stanza
Rusty tokens Rusty tokens (to be exchanged to get playable ones)
Elements of decorative eggs for appartements
Golden Egg icon.png
The egg quality ( from 1 to 5 ) determines effect intensity or it's duration.

Giant egg hunt

  • Twenty-nine giant eggs, one from each surface region, are scattered throughout the Bark. Explore each region and get your diploma and tokens for the Fortunate Gubani wheel.
    You will find your ranking, one per ecosystem, on the bulletin board in capital cities.

Refugees' party

The Rangers are planning a big party on Silan.

They are counting on you to help them prepare a huge rendor stew.

Rendors of all sizes are gathered in the Arena all the time, but from time to time you may find some particularly tough ones that might well surprise you.

Tirin Kylion will value your efforts' true worth.

50× 500 basic tokens 1 000 dappers
50× 30 fine tokens 5 000 dappers
50× 30 choice tokens 10 000 dappers
50× 75 excellent tokens 100 000 dappers
  • A Rendor boss (✯✯✯✯) will appear at random places in Silan :
    • Every hour during week-ends ;
    • Every 2 hours duiring the week.

Refugees' Puzzle

  • The Gubunnies take turns distributing a shookilat egg to each of the tribes all over Atys, Prime Roots included. Inside each egg, you can find one of the sixty fragments of a picture. It's up to you to try to rebuilt it!
    Game rule: Click on the small egg that appears randomly in a tribe every half hour to get a picture fragment. The found fragments are gathered in a special personal window, where the image is completed as you go along with your findings.
    The little egg stays in game for 20 minutes and then reappears in another tribe after ten minutes, carrying a new random fragment. You can find out when and where a little egg is in play by clicking on the "Dynamic Events" icon of the map.
    Rewards: Basic tokens for each small egg found, choice tokens for each new fragment found, and excellent tokens for each picture completed.

Prepare a nest for a friend

New in JA 2618 (from 8 to 25 April 2022) : create a nest for a friend.

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