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It has been suggested that this article should be rewritten or updated, because: Linux client is available!.

Install using the Installer on ryzom.com (or using Steam).

Running Ryzom in Wine

Although there is no native way to run Ryzom in Linux, it can be successfully run under Wine without too much trouble. This may also work for Mac, as there is a Mac version of Wine, currently stable on Snow Leopard. The following methods have not yet been tested on Mac - if you can confirm that they work, please do.

The Simple Method

Atys Underground hosts a very simple java application to download and install the Ryzom client, with very little tweaking needed. It is available either as a .jar file, or as a Java webstart applet, and can found here under u.R.D.M. To install Ryzom using u.R.D.M.:

  • Download and run the u.R.D.M., or use the webstart applet. Once you've selected the install directory and started the download, get a book - the install is large, and may take a while to download depending on your connection speed.
  • When faced with client.cfg options, you can leave most at default - they can all be changed later on, once you know the game is basically functional. Finish and quit the u.R.D.M.
  • Download the Ryzom dll pack from Atys Underground (direct link), or procure copies of the following DLLs from elsewhere: mfc42.dll, msvcp60.dll, msvcrt.dll.
  • Extract the dll files into the Ryzom installation directory. The wine.reg file can be used to automatically set up an override for msvcrt.dll (open it using Wine), alternatively you can set up this override under the Libraries tab of Wine Configuration. Ryzom may work without the override in place - this depends entirely on your current Wine setup. Vanilla Wine with no other programs installed doesn't need the override.
  • You do not need to download the Wine patch linked to on the Atys Underground page if you are using the latest version of Wine (tested under version 1.0.1).

Ryzom should now be fully functional under Wine. If you need to use Ryzom configuration (for example to alter advanced graphical options such as OpenGL/Direct3D), you will need to download it separately, as it is not installed by u.R.D.M. Download ryzom_configuration_rd.exe and its required .dlls here, and extract them into your Ryzom install directory. ryzom_configuration_rd.exe should be usable under Wine.

The u.R.D.M. omits several files which are installed by the official installer. If you run into problems, you may find it useful to add some or all of these files. The files can be found here.

Other Methods