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Sirigio Trivaldo is a Matis bartender who sometimes appears at party events to dispense drinks and wisdom.


  • "Not much of a dancer I am. I'd rather serve the drinks if you don't mind."
  • "I personally don't know many Trykers, but i hear they have some shortcomings. Get it?! Shortcoming! Haha ha-ha!"
  • "So you are here for the dance, eh <name>? Why don't you show me some moves then?"
  • "My brother Cicho runs the bar here in Yrkanis. I help out sometimes when it's busy, or if he's taken ill."
  • "Having a nice quiet drink with some good friends; what more could a homin want?"
  • "Zoraï only occasionally stop by in the bar; they aren't much for drinking I guess. Don't their masks look creepy to you?"
  • "Hello there <name>, another drink, perhaps?"
  • "Greetings, <name>!"
  • "Are you enjoying the dance?"
  • "All that desert heat must have baked the sense out of the Fyros. They are always messing things up!"
  • "Peanuts?"
  • "Who do you think will be chosen for Princess? My vote is on Honey Will, she will go far she will."
  • "Our Queen is a real beauty, don't you think?"
  • "Did you hear the Fyros Emperor has taken ill? There are rumors that he's been poisoned."
  • "I wonder how our Nobles convinced the botanist to leave his laboratory to plant these Royal Beauties..."
  • "I love living in Yrkanis. It is a very beautiful city and the Majestic Gardens do honor to their name."
  • "Live and let live, that's my motto!"
  • "A bartender's wisdom is proverbial, but it seems only to those that are frequent visitors."
  • "Ideas are like children; there are none so wonderful as your own."
  • "Now where did I put that corkscrew?"