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Nysha is a Kami Fyros, member and leader of Whispers of Aria, and oftentimes political antagonist of the Kami Alliance and former Kami Community Alliance. Having started out so oblivious to the beautiful world of Atys that she barely remembers her first year or so, she is now happily entrenched in the Ryzom world, and alternates randomly between being a noisy but generally helpful member of the community and hiding away on her own working on Secret Projects.

She also enjoys posing heroically in front of beautiful Atys skyscapes.

Having several years of mediawiki experience under her belt from Sims Wiki, she was one of the members instrumental in moving Ryzom Wiki to private hosting. She continues to send herself nuts in the process of attempting to split her time evenly between Ryzomnomnom, Geeky Women Blogging, ModTheSims, and this annoying little nugget of distraction known as real life.