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Amber: Tribes of Atys

Sub-continent Island
Region Nexus
Race(s) Multiracial
Faction Karavan
Mithus Xalon, Tribe Chief
Notables see § § Tribe Members
Friends Matis
Enemies Kamis Company of the Eternal Tree, Recoverers


The Kuilde is a tribe of devout Karavan followers from all 4 homin races. Of all the many tribes aligned to the Karavan, the Kuilde most directly follows and supports the Karavan. As such, it's members can be found alongside Karavan all over Atys, assisting the Karavan in maintaining and guarding their altars and temples. Their main camp is in Nexus, where the Kuilde wages a war against both other tribes who have camps in that region, the Company of the Eternal Tree and the Recoverers, both devout followers of the Kami.

The members of the Kuilde are homin agents of every race who work for the Karavan. The tribe has sworn allegiance to the disciples of Jena in exchange for their protection and sources of wealth. The Kuilde collects materials which they trade for themselves and for the Karavan.

First foundations of Yrkanis laid in Majestic Garden.
Ancient pro-Karavan tribe of the Kuilde reformed.

  from "Matis History, the New Beginning"

Thus it appears, as would be expected for such an important tribe, that The Kuilde has been around since long before the Great Swarming and was immediately reinstated as soon as homins arrived in the New Lands.


Tribe Members


  • Tribe Chief : Mithus Xalon
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Dai-Fan Sun
  • Tribe Welcomer : Sai-Ju Hiang
  • Outlands Supplier : Kytis Mekops
  • Master Overseer : Be'Yle Deppan
  • Master Guards : 26


  • Ambassador : The Kuilde Karavan Ambassador

Wandering the region

  • Prospector : Anissi Bedo, Stationed west of the camp.


  • Journeyman : Stanne Stasa (Stationed south of the camp)
  • Journeyman : O'Arpsey Codgan


  • Pants, Vest & Gloves : Black
  • Boots & Sleeves : Blue
  • Hair : Blond (Fyros), Blond (Matis), Blond (Tryker), Light Green (Zoraï)


Fyros -16
Matis +50
Tryker +33
Zoraï -50

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