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Translation to review
Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2020-04-05)

Help for user about this wiki (title, comments, add image or links...) Writing Guide, Wiki Technical Guide's translation is not finished. But this page talk about translation on the wikis.

Note the language's place in the URL : for the French it start with fr https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki, the English version https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki and all images are in common on https://atys.wiki.ryzom.com...

Update (2019/05/13): a RC channel to speak about wiki #pj-ryzom_wiki.

On this wiki


WikiTrad-EN/Toolbars on this wiki to compare the interfaces on the 5 languages.

Thanks to add the languages translations flags at the top of the page, as translators used to do. Here is the code (here, a french page named pFR and an english one named pEN) :


Be careful when copy/paste to an other language, specially regarding some keywords (for the Category: Catégorie for FR, Kategorie DE, Categorías SP... or in images, for ex vignette for thumb...), the place's names can be very different too, acronyms (PNJ/NPC, HRP/OCC)... We need to add several terms or the search won't be optimal. And (specially for categories) choosing a name in a foreign language can be touchy...

The common roots categories are:

  • Encyclopatys : related to the actual encyclopedic wiki, powered by all the players
  • Wikipatys : the wiki
  • Forge : dev of the Ryzom (server side: core and clients)
  • Lore : the official Atys History

Several categories "on top" are commun in all languages, better not move or even change them (keep them at the same level). Users should try to use categories as far as possible from root (each page or image can be collected using several categories), however, the 5 wikis are very different.
Help about categories at Categorization/how_to.

To create a new translation: the best is to open a new windows, in the target language, using Search in order to find some very close context with our subject (and maybe you'll find some oldier page, to add some other links or to archive) and choose a nice name for the page that you are going to create.

Signatures and talk

When adding the ~~~~ the link to your name and discussion will be on the site you commented, not the one you use usually, specially when you translate, or help other people on here (but date and hour will be formatted as in the language's wiki: May 9th or 9 Mai). Here is my tips:

  1. I add the ~~~~ then start write above.
  2. I Preview so ~~~~ shows in preview the 2 bad links (in red as my profile is on the French wiki, not on English or German I discuss on * usually the English wiki, or Common),
  3. I copy de date and hour (in preview), paste it my comment, delete the ~~~~.
  4. I have the whole code in nowiki markup, on my profile as a memo, with link to RC. So I just copy the code, paste it on the comment, before date & time, done.

It's: [https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Utilisateur:Amosys Amosys] ([https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/w/index.php?title=Discussion_utilisateur:Amosys&action=edit&section=new talk to Amosys on wiki]) (On RC [https://chat.ryzom.com/channel/pj-ryzom_wiki pj-ryzom_wiki])

It gives : Amosys (talk to Amosys on wiki) (On RC pj-ryzom_wiki) 03:16, 9 June 2019 (CEST)

For a RC MP, use for ex: [[File:RClogo211905.png|60px|Name on RC|link=https://chat.ryzom.com/direct/Name]] it gives: Amosys on  RC

Translating the Tribes Members Titles

in EN and FR (and using BM)

Campsite - Au camp

  • Tribe Chief  : Chef (ou Cheffe)
  • Tribe Outpost Officer : Officier Tribal des Avant-Postes
  • Tribe Welcomer : Hôte d'Accueil
  • Outlands Supplier : Fournisseur des Terres Lointaines
  • Overseer : Contremaître
  • Frontier Supplier : Fournisseur des Frontières
  • Master Overseer : Contremaître Expert
  • Ambassador : Ambassadeur
  • Master Guards : Gardes puissants

Wandering the region - Se déplaçant en région

  • Hunter : Chasseur
  • Prospector : Prospecteur

Affiliates - Affiliés

  • Scout : Eclaireur
  • Journeyman : Compagnon Artisan

On Common

To translate the text (category description and the Summary when importing images) and names of the category on common wiki:

  • default language is English - there's a lots of categories (6 wikis), better no add too much "localized indexes" in the category names on Common [1].
  • when adding a image, in Summary we can write all text, in any language, in order to help anyone to find it on common, but finish it with the code for ex [[Category:Encyclopatys]] [2]

Here are some examples:

Code of a Category (common space names):

{{CategoryDescription |en=This category collects images about |de=Diese Kategorie sammelt ! |fr=Cette catégorie rassemble des images concernant les Missions en mektoubs }} [[Category:Encyclopatys]] [[Category:Mission]] [[Category:Mount]]

Code of an image (common space names):

FR, 2019_05, Mektoub misions, Missions en mektoub, plus à [https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Utilisateur:TonNomIci/HRP/Mes mimi fréquentes mes notes de missions] [[Category:EncyclopFR]] [[Category:Mission]] [[Category:Mount]]

See SOS/catImage for help about images categories.

Some usefull Special pages: New files, Upload log, Recent change on files and categories.

This page should be translated to

try to contact:

🇩🇪 German


🇬🇧 English

🇫🇷 French



On the forum

On forum : https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=forum/view/1839 we have several versions :

The code to use on the official forum - all translations are in a same post: [FR] for the French version and [EN] for the english translation

Feel free to change this Draft.

Go to the WikiTrad it's on the French wiki (sorry, it should be on the English one), but easier for Discussions with CraftJenn, as I am French. I suggest that all translators share tips in here... CraftJenn, Ranger du Cercle du Bois d'Almati (talk) 16:51, 9 September 2018 (CEST)

  1. If you are a German or Spanish or Russian or french translator, when creating a new category on common, better create it with a english name, and you can write in your native language in descriptions with or DE or SP or RU or FR respectively)
  2. On the Common (and Forge) wikis, as medias are shared for all languages (RU, ES, DE, FR and EN), English is the default language for the names of the Categories. Common's URL start with atys.wiki.ryzom.com, and the English one start with en.wiki.ryzom.com, German with de.wiki.ryzom.com, French with fr.wiki.ryzom.com... regarding how you count, there's 6 or 7 public wikis... From the common, it's not easy to see what image is used where (en? fr? de?): adding in Summary a page link can be a good idea.