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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2019-01-18)

Check PlayerInfos

Vcard.png Function name : weCPlayerInfos

weCPlayerInfos can test any information stored on the server for the player and run an appropriate action.

WeCPlayerInfos window
  • 1) checks: A list of tests that will be performed in this step added by the "plus" icon. ([commun] tool for multi sub-selections)
  • 2) valideAction: Action to do if all the tests are validated (True).
  • 3) failAction: Action to do if at least one test is not validated (False).
  • 4) resetScriptIfFailed: (Yes / No) Resetting the script if failure (at least one test is not validated).
  • 5) openWindow: Window to be open to display the tests results. (None, WebIG, Browse NPC, Web Transaction).
  • 6) hiddenWindow (Yes / No)
  • 7) [commun] Internal name of the function. This name is used especially for jumps, loops ...


Tests if the player belongs to a faction.

Medal gold 1.png
  • 1) faction: faction to test. This faction may take one of the following:
  • neutral civ, neutral cult, neutral civ cult;
  • fyros, matis tryker, zorai;
  • kami, karavan;
  • marauder, ranger, trytonist.


Tests if the player has a certain amount of dappers.

Money euro.png
  • 1) Quantity: quantity of required dappers.


Examines the position of the player. If the player is in the rectangle bounded by coordinates mi /max x/y the return value is TRUE.

Map magnify.png
  • 1) min_x: minimum x-coordinate in absolute in the map of Atys.
  • 2) min_y: minimum y-coordinate in absolute in the map of Atys.
  • 3) max_x: maximum x-coordinate in absolute in the map of Atys.
  • 4) max_y: maximum y-coordinate in absolute in the map of Atys.


Tests if a certain amount of item at certain level is present in one of the containers of the player.

  • 1) inventory: Location where should be found the item: bag, player_room, guild, pet_animal (1-4) or temporary.
  • 2) sheet name
  • 3)Quality: the required quality of the item.
  • 4) minQuantity: the minimum amount.


Tests if the target is the desired one.

Arrow in.png
  • 1) type: Sheet, bot_name, player_name, leaguemate, teammate or guildmate.
  • 2) Value: the first three types require precision (Sheet, bot_name, player_name)


Tests reputation in the nations and factions.

Award star gold 1.png
  • 1) faction: faction that can be tested are:
  • fyros, matis, tryker, zoraï
  • kami, karavan
Combinations may be used to test marauders, rangers...
  • 2) below_or_above: determines if the test is on the lower or higher of the following value ​​given in next field (3).
  • 3) Valeur: minimum or maximum level required for the fame respectively with the comparison selected in the previous field below_or_above below_or_above (2).


Tests the rank of the player in his guild

  • 1) rank: Leader, High Officer, Officer, Member.


Tests if a minimum amount of dappers is in the treasury of the guild.

Money dollar.png
  • 1) Quantity: quantity of required dappers.


Test if the player is free version or not.

Emotion tongue.png

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