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Database add value.png Function name : weADatabase_v2

This function is used to store information in a usable local DB thereafter in the same script or another in the same event. It can also increment the numerical values.

It is best to use the assisted edition mode in a first step, as viewed here.

WeADatabase window
  • 1) Database name : for the whole the event, Omega, in the example.
  • 2) databaseRow : Khi, in the example.
  • 3) databaseId : player, guild, arcc, civ, cult, org, race.
  • 4) Conversion method : (setvalue/addvalue) : there are two modes of insertion into the database, or overwriting the previous contents or by adding another algebraic value.
  • 5) param : may be different static values ​​recovered from elsewhere or calculated. Those are:
  • A Blank or an <empty>. In calculation, the "empty" may be equated with "zero."
  • A Constant: "-1" in "Addvalue" mode creates a decrement.
  • A common parameter to the event : [param]Max_player_bag[/param] or [session]LocalTemporaryData[/session]
  • A value contained in another database : [db=Player_Bag]Last[/db]
  • A function : [func]now[/func]
  • A calculation :


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