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Page red.png Nom interne de la fonction : weADisplayIgMessage
WeADisplayIgMessage IG

This function allows you to post messages in chat channels (2).

Note that the use of the traduction allows you to have the text in the language of the player. For the key "Blade Runner", the text in English here is: "We call it Voight-Kampff for short" as shown in the IG picture.


The following table lists the characteristics of the choice of channels offered by the function (4).

Mode where color channel SYS. INFO
Default message system White Yes
Only in arround channel Yellow Around No
Ambiance Top Yellow Yes (3)
Task Bottom white Yes
Broadcast messages Top White Around Yes
Title Bottom Yellow Yes (1)
Taged broadcast messages... Top White Around Yes
XP gain Bottom Yellow Yes (1)
SP gain Bottom Yellow Yes (1)
Zone Top White Yes
Damage to me Red Yes (2)
Damage to me Red Yes (2)
Damage to me from player Dark red Yes
Damage from me Orange Yes
The opponent misses Grey Yes (4)
I miss White Yes
Item Bottom Green Yes
Item other in group Bottom Grey
Item failed Bottom Magenta Yes
Spell to me Blue Yes
Spell from me Light blue Yes
Emote Pink Yes
Message of the day Bottom Yellow Yes (1)
Forage Locate Deposit Bottom Green
False Top Orange Yes
False in battle Top Yellow Yes (3)
PVP timer Bottom Orange
Thema finished Bottom Yellow Yes (1)
Item special effec Slate Yes (4)
Item special effect with center text Top Slate Yes
Outpost state message Top Light blue Yes
Ring invitation Green Around

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