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en:Already made stuff fyros
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Dorothée, 2021-12-03)

EN Already made stuff fyros shows fyros stuffs already done and ready to use.


Filename Description Screenshot
fy_acc_gobelet_a a glass
Fy acc gobelet a.JPG
Fy_acc_gobelet_b a glass
Fy acc gobelet b.JPG
fy_acc_gobelet_c a glass
Fy acc gobelet c.JPG
City hall a fyros flag
City hall.JPG
Fy_acc_applique_a a fyros lamp
Fy acc applique a.JPG
Fy_acc_banc_a a fyros bench
Fy acc banc a.JPG
Fy_acc_bancdossier_a a Bench
Fy acc bancdossier a.JPG
Fy_acc_beastskin_a an animal skin
Fy acc beastskin a.JPG
Fy_acc_bigplan_a some plant
Fy acc bigplan a.JPG
Fy_acc_bougie_a a candle
Fy acc bougie a.JPG
Fy_acc_brazier_a a brazier
Fy acc brazier a.JPG
Fy_acc_brazierbawl_a a brazier bawl
Fy acc brazierbawl a.JPG
Fy_acc_caisse_a a wooden box
Fy acc caisse a.JPG
Fy_acc_caissetriangulaire_a a triangular box
Fy acc caissetriangulaire a.JPG
Fy_acc_canape_a a wooden sofa
Fy acc canape a.JPG
Fy_acc_chair_a a wooden chair
Fy acc chair a.JPG
Fy_acc_chaudron_a a cauldron
Fy acc chaudron a.JPG
Fy_acc_chaudronpigjaune_a a cauldron
Fy acc chaudronpigjaune a.JPG
Fy_acc_coffre_a a closed chest
Fy acc coffre a.JPG
Fy_acc_coffre_b an opened chest
Fy acc coffre b.JPG
Fy_acc_encensoir_a a censer
Fy acc encensoir a.JPG
Fy_acc_enseigne_a a sign
Fy acc enseigne a.JPG
Fy_acc_enseignepied_a a signpost
Fy acc enseignepied a.JPG
Fy_acc_fireworks_a fireworks
Fy acc fireworks a.JPG
Fy_acc_fireworks_b fireworks
Fy acc fireworks b.JPG
Fy_acc_fireworks_c fireworks
Fy acc fireworks c.JPG
Fy_acc_fireworks_d fireworks
Fy acc fireworks d.JPG
Fy_acc_flask_a a flask
Fy acc flask a.JPG
Fy acc fretsaw a.JPG
Fy_acc_grospot_a a jar
Fy acc grospot a.JPG
Fy_acc_jukeboxappart_a a mobile juke box
Fy acc jukeboxappart a.JPG
Fy_acc_jukeboxbar_a a juke box (he one in pyr's bar)
Fy acc jukeboxbar a.JPG
Fy_acc_lanterne_a a lantern
Fy acc lanterne a.JPG
fy_acc_lavalamp_a a lava lamp
Fy acc lavalamp a.JPG
fy_acc_palmcity_a a city palm
Fy acc palmcity a.JPG
fy_acc_planche_a a plank
Fy acc planche a.JPG
fy_acc_planches some plank
Fy acc planches.JPG
fy_acc_plantegrelotanim01a a sort of "bell" plant
Fy acc plantegrelotanim01a.JPG
fy_acc_plantegrelotanim02a a sort of "bell" plant
Fy acc plantegrelotanim02a.JPG
fy_acc_plantegrelotanim03a a sort of "bell" plant
Fy acc plantegrelotanim03a.JPG
fy_acc_pmtono_a a wooden barrel
Fy acc pmtono a.JPG
fy_acc_reverb_a a Streetlight
Fy acc reverb a.JPG
fy_acc_rucksack_a a ruck sack
Fy acc rucksack a.JPG
fy_acc_skull_a a skull
Fy acc skull a.JPG
fy_acc_surgerycase_a a surgery case
Fy acc surgerycase a.JPG
fy_acc_surgerycase_b a surgery case
Fy acc surgerycase b.JPG
fy_acc_table_c a table
Fy acc table c.JPG
fy_acc_tabouret_a a stool
Fy acc tabouret a.JPG
fy_acc_tabouret_b a stool
Fy acc tabouret b.JPG
fy_acc_tabouret_c a stool
Fy acc tabouret c.JPG
fy_acc_tonneauclosed_a a closed barrel
Fy acc tonneauclosed a.JPG
fy_acc_tonneauopened_a an opened barrel
Fy acc tonneauopened a.JPG
fy_acc_touf_a a plant
Fy acc touf a.JPG
Fy brandon ponton.JPG
Fy cn appart clusterized.JPG
fy_cn_beacon_a a beacon
Fy cn beacon a.JPG
fy_cn_beacon_b a beacon
Fy cn beacon b.JPG
fy_cn_bridge_a a bridge
Fy cn bridge a.JPG
fy_cn_bridge_b a bridge
Fy cn bridge b.JPG
fy_cn_bridge_c a bridge
Fy cn bridge c.JPG
fy_cn_bridge_d a bridge
Fy cn bridge d.JPG
fy_cn_bridge_e a bridge
Fy cn bridge e.JPG
fy_cn_bridge_work a bridge
Fy cn bridge work.JPG
fy_cn_cellule a cell
Fy cn cellule.JPG
fy_cn_flare_a a flare
Fy cn flare a.JPG
fy_cn_fortress_a fortress
Fy cn fortress a.JPG
fy_cn_inn_a inn
Fy cn inn a.JPG
fy_cn_inn_b inn
Fy cn inn b.JPG
fy_cn_inn_c inn
Fy cn inn c.JPG
fy_cn_reverbere_a streetlamp
Fy cn reverbere a.JPG
fy_cn_trykerinn_a auberge tryker (thesos)
Fy cn trykerinn a.JPG
Fy cn warehouse a.JPG


Filename Description Screenshot
Fy_acc_gpbar_a Some barrel put together.
Fy acc gpbar a.JPG
fy_acc_gpbar_b Some barrel put together.
Fy acc gpbar b.JPG
Fy_acc_gpfire a Some firework put together with a chest.
Fy acc gpfire a.JPG
fy_acc_gpfire_b Some stuff put together, a lavalamp, a box and a bench with a fyros flag on it.
Fy acc gpfire b.JPG
fy_acc_gpoutils_a Some tools put together with box and two barrel with a plank to make a table .
Fy acc gpoutils a.JPG
fy_acc_gpvente_a A table with a fyros helmet and juke box on it.
Fy acc gpvente a.JPG
fy_acc_gpvente_b Some stuff put together.
Fy acc gpvente b.JPG
fy_cn_tavernebouteilles Stuff around the barman of pyr with bottle on the Shelf and wall and the bar table.
Fy cn tavernebouteilles.JPG


Filename Description Screenshot
ma_acc_armoire a Cupboard
Fy acc armoire.JPG
ma_acc_lit a bed
Fy acc lit.JPG


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