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This category includes all the models of banner that an article displays to refer to the portal (or one of the portals) where it is presented and/or referenced (linked).

  • These models are named Portal portal-name or portal-name is the name of the portal (or sub-portal) to which they refer (Portal:portal-name*).
  • The use of these templates (with the syntax {{Portal|portal-name}}) causes :
    1. the display of the banner within (usually at the bottom of) the concerned article ;
    2. the categorisation of the article concerned in the category linked to the portal (Category:portal-name') ;
    3. the categorisation of the article concerned in the category grouping all articles like it linked to the portal (Category:Portal:portal-name/Related articles) ;
    4. As a result, it is possible to enhance each portal :
      • with the number of articles of each of these categories (via the Model:Number of pages),
      • a random draw of an item in each of these categories (via, respectively Random page in category/Category:portal-name and Random page in category/Category:Portal:portal-name/Related articles).

NB: In order to ensure the regular operation of the models, when the banner refers to a sub-portal, ''portal-name is in fact the name of the portal tab under which the sub-portal in question is displayed, thanks to the redirection from Portal:tab-name to Portal:portal-name/tab-name.

Example: {{Portal Wikipatys}}

This model feeds the Category:Portal:Wikipatys/Related articles