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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Craftjenn, 2020-04-22)

Source : Yubina on the forum [1]


PART 1: Dapper with Occupation (up to 180.000 Dapper a day for neutrals)
PART 2: Dapper with Missions
PART 3: Earning Dappers by selling mats to other players
PART 4: Earning Dappers by selling crafted items to other players

2017.07.24 minor corrections, added Ryzepte 17 link, added KC post-craft formulas link, added Kitin camp missions (many thanks to Daomei and Jahuu)

2016.10.11 (internal) release of PART 4 of the guide

With Occupation

Up to 180.000 Dapper a day for neutrals:

In each capital are 2 Occupations, one easy (that gives products for the NH) and one for higher lvl player (products for use only) http://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Occupations

choose your favorite or just the easy one in the capital next to you (you can have up to 3 occupations at the same time, you keep the lvl when you switch between occupations later, you can switch every 48 hours)

  • you can always abandon and retake a mission at the occupation npc, no cool down, this is especially handy for toolmaker and florist

(you can come with dig mats only or daggers only, or just abandon and retake when the florist sends you to the well or you have other seed than she asks for)

  • you can farm big stacks of Materials at once and do only the occupation itself daily
  • Water Carrier and Cartographer on lvl one are good doable mounted (and two also if your lvl is high enough)
  • Toolmaker is very good for crafters, but better not lvl it up early, because you will need lots of mats

collect at least 4 of each type of material, then do your occupation and „Keep the products…“ when you are asked (you have only 5 mins for the mission, check the following links before you take the mission!) http://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Occupations/Spoilers http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18221

Take your products to the NH Transporter, „I want to help you…“

With one level one occupation and a 100% recipe you get 18 products and 90.000 Dapper a day at 45+ fame, you also get a lot of fame and 900 faction points (also at 45+ fame) you can double this by doing two level one Occupations or by leveling one occupation to level two and do level one and two with the level two materials (be aware that when you level the occupation to two you will have to travel to the lvl 100 area to collect the materials there)

You are at NH now, and he tells you, that he does not need your products? -check your fame, if it’s 45+ you can port for free and use up products, it should not take more than 7 times porting -port to the other capitals and check if there is free space, they don’t share the products -ask a guildie to port a few times =) -the limit for handing in products at the NH is 36, after giving them a cool down of 23h starts, you may want to track these cool-down with the in-game app bunny tools (/appzone 1823), http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25037 because the NH always tells you the same, he makes no different between „he is full of products“ and „you still have cool-down“

with Missions

There are basically 2 different kinds of players on Atys, those crafting is more enjoying for and those fighting is more enjoying for.
They live symbiotic together, the fighters acquire the mob mats and trade them with the crafters for good equipment.

Knowledge (the green missions):

When ever you run into a scout or hunter check his green missions for those where you need to target creatures.
Those are easy and very fast to do, even in a full focus suit and even if you get no dapper (scout missions) you gain fame very easy with those.

Fighting missions (red missions):

There are only 4 kinds of NPC useful for you, corporal (needs fame 0+), sergeant (melee or magic lvl 50+ or 100+), captain (melee or magic lvl 150+ or 200+) and hunters, the hunters pay a bit better but wander around in the area all the time. The mission level of hunters is usually the lvl of the area they are in.
You should avoid missions that ask you to kill enemy tribes, they ruin your fame!

Crafting Missions (blue missions, dig missions have a slightly different blue icon):

Have 3 kind of NPC, Apprentice Overseer (needs fame 0+), Overseer (craft lvl 50+ or 100+) and Master Overseer (craft lvl 150+ or 200+)
You should not buy craft plans with your precious skill points, only to be able to do these missions. Better search for missions you already own the plans for.
There is an in game app named "The Greedy Crafter Guide" that can help you find missions that fit your skills.
If you dig only fine, basic or prime roots mats you can use them for all styles, at all tribe overseers and in all countries.

Other Missions NPC (more or less useful and listing incomplete):

Journeyman, fame only, crafting, digging and melee missions
Supplier/Messenger, low Dappers, lots of running around and searching for the recipient
Prospector, lots of running around and hard to find the mats with lower prospection skill
Village Welcomer, fame only, easier to get this fame by giving occupation products to the NH or from other missions
Kami/Kara/Tribe Welcomer and Ambassador, fame only, but lots of it for missions that say „very grateful“ (mostly bandit kill missions)

To find a NPC you can just run around (they look different on the radar) or check the map on http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=map;keywords;npc or similar sites like http://ryzom.silenda.de/

Other useful Missions:

The City Welcomer Missions (for beginners), there is one mission line in each capital (4 at all), each is doable once, you get cats and my favorite reward is one generic craft plan from each mission line.

The Sage Missions, the weapon are… worse than what I sell on resale, but these missions also reward with some wonderful jewels,
they have 100 bonus in everything and q120, you need lvl 100 in melee or so to finish this mission lines (jewels given a bit earlier),
and if you wear the jewels only for digging (fighting ruins them easily), mine are nearly a year old now and still have some durability left :) http://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Sage_Missions

The Rites:

Be aware that those missions lines have very different level requirements. But harder ones are often doable teamed. You get unique rewards/abilities! http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=encyclopedia (Rites that show incomplete information there are not completely in game yet! You can also use Ballistic Mystix in game app)

Kitin Observation Camp Missions:

There are 4 Kitin Observation Camps with mission offering npc, one in each level 50 area, they offer dig missions (mission mats) and heavy package delivery missions (requiring a mount) This is mostly an alternative to occupations for higher level players to farm faction points, these missions have no cool-down, you can run the same mission several times in a row if you need faction points fast. http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18199/

selling mats

Earning Dappers by selling mats to other players:

In general: There are 4 different markets on Atys (without Silan and Nexus), one for each continent, you can see your sale items at every merchant but only access them in the country you have them on sale. Be aware that items you put on resale only available there for 7 days, then they vanish into data nirvana. So you need to renew them at least every 6 days, you take them from the market and store them in you bag/mount/packer, perform a relog and put them back on resale, and check if their time is 6 day+ again (especially if you took the items from the gh or apartment). You can use the market to store mats there at max price for later use, basic, fine and choice (dig mats) get rarely sold at 9999% and if they are sold you get lots of dappers.

Selling Fine and Basic mob mats: you get nearly everything (q50+) sold with a margin of 500 to 3000% go training and farm some mats of your favorite mobs and test with a margin of 2000% if they are sold within less than 1-2 days you should think about rising the price a bit if they are still there at the next renew, you should lower the price, maybe half it

skin (grip/clothes) always sell very well, because its needed in many recipes and drops only from herbivores also shaft mats for amps like Torbak Horns, Najab Bones etc the maybe worst selling from my impression are blade/point, explosive/stuffing and if there are many players around that train on plants the price for buds and moss also drops but it’s different depending on the Market you choose and even the time of the week and month of year you can check what mats a type a mob drops on http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=resources

Selling named mob mats (choice and excellent): You should always try to sell them at max price 9999%, if at least q110. Weapon speed mats are the best selling (blade, shaft, grip, counterweight, hammer, point), also good are armor protection mats (clothes, lining, stuffing, armor clip, armor shell) and eyes etc (magic focus) for amps Further they are similar to the fine mats.

Selling supreme mats (boss and dig): Be aware that they are often worth more than the resale max price of 9999% (if at least q60, better q110) If you really want to sell them on the resale and not trade them with other players directly, you should sell them always at max price, they will be sold sooner or later (mostly depending on lvl, the higher the lvl the faster they should be sold).

Selling dig mats: It’s similar to selling mob mats, but the prices are usually lower, because dig mats are easier to farm in large numbers. Try fiber or just go to your favorite dig spot and dig a few small stacks for testing how well they sell (start at 2000% like with the mob mats). Basic, fine and roots mats often sell a bit better, because they can be used for all crafting missions/racial plans. Often campfire mats sell well, but not in large number. Many roots choice mats also sell well, mostly mats for black armor or dodge armor. Blade/point usually sells bad, even in ex quality.

selling crafted items

Earning Dappers by selling crafted items to other players:

To earn lots of dappers with crafted items on resale is the maybe hardest way to earn dappers, but very rewarding in meanings of role play, If you regularly run into homins who thank you for the equipment they bought on resale and order things that they can’t find on resale. (I think marauders have no occupation and crafting mission npc, so selling mats and crafted items, or playing with an alt are the only ways for them to make dapper. The wise of them, sell really amazing supreme weapons on resale, those usually sell at max resale price.)

I was thinking for some time how to write this without spoiling you too much (giving recipes, etc), so I try to cover only the most important basics ;)

In general, you can try to sell items where the name says basic or fine, but they sell really bad, even if they have better stats than the choice items next to them (and it’s rather easy to create a fine item with better stats than a choice item), others will rarely look on the stats because of the name. Make sure that the name of your items is at least choice, better excellent (mixing only a few ex mats in a good choice recipe makes the name ex). And especially little homins, prefer fancy looking stuff, like waving, burning and living swords. Armors look completely different on males and females. And the color of the armor is also very important, many people kinda hate: beige, green, turquoise, purple and red, maybe because they look cheap. The maybe best selling colors are black and blue. Here you can learn how to give your armors the color you want http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/23849 And here you can check the look of items http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=items and of custom armor sets http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=dressingRoom Range weapon (and ammo) sells very bad, even with a great look and great stats =).

You should always use hp/focus bonus, bestselling is hp, focus equipment is more special and lasts a lot longer. Sap and stamina bonus are kinda useless because hp is always worth more.

Stats people look mostly at apart from name, item level and look (pre craft values, all possible with dig mats only): Weapon: speed 50+ and damage 74+ (choice). speed 65+ and damage 84+ (excellent) Amps: elemental and healing all 78+ (ex magic focus) La: protection 50+ or dodge =100 Ma: protection 50+ Ha: protection 50+ and dodge 75+ Buckler: dodge =100 Shield: parry 50+ and dodge 50+ Range weapon: speed 50+ Jewels: most combinations of at least choice mats (Note: Jewels in KipeeCraft are supposed to be fixed in the most recent betas)

And I would highly recommend to get a copy of KipeeCraft by Arcueid to create new recipes, best to start with choice and ex mats that are available at your favorite dig spots. http://www.mollylovescake.de/kipeecraft/ (It’s a Windows program, but it runs very well with Wine on MacOS and Linux.)

If you want to try to calculate post craft values, this may help you (but be aware that there may be different values in game by different rounding). http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/8922/56# 56 (my data sheet) and http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25037/24 #24 (freddys version, mostly same data)

KipeeCraft now also supports own formulas for post craft values, check http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/25957/

And if you feel the urgent need to understand the math behind crafting, check this: http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/23853

And if you need some recipe examples, check Ryzepte 17: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yubolina/sets/72157681972250806/


This guide has been written by Yubina and tested by Nomads guild members, thank you very much :) Hope this is useful and you enjoy (whatever you choose to do) :)