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Dante the Teaser

In the final month of the final cycle of Jena Year 2250, a mere two months after a foiled Marauder invasion of the Verdant Heights, a new Marauder leader made his grand entry into the New Lands. He called himself Dante the Teaser and he announced his arrival well ahead of time.

At 19:00 GMT on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, Dante the Teaser introduced himself to the assembled crowd at the Fairhaven stables and played around with them for a while, challenging them into various hunts and battles, before finally facing them down himself, and ultimately being defeated. He escaped death however, and seemed planning to return for more 'games'.

This event officially added Dante the Teaser into the game as a new Marauder boss.

Offical announcement

Dante the Teaser gave a last glance on a lock of hair, lovingly kept in a carved wooden medallion. He sighed, "Ah, Mezix, look to me, wherever you might be. You'll be so proud of me.", he murmured.

With a weary soul and a sharp spirit, the young Marauder approached the exit of the Prime Roots into the New Lands trembling with anticipation. The homins which trailed behind him were fixed in a monotony that had dulled the mind, a monotony which one possesses after several days of deprivation, thirst, and irritation. Dante the Teaser had not abused his homins, no! He had tortured them!

"Dante, let us rest," groaned one of them.

A mischievous smile formed on the lips of the young Marauder who was dressed in a strange manner. He nodded his head and turned around, "Alright! We pause… If you are able to catch me!"

His childish laugh echoed against the walls of the underground cavern while he sprang in the direction of the New Trykoth. The Marauders who accompanied him sighed and resigned. Soon, they could rest, unless first they die...

A shade quickly moved in the blackness of the night. A shade awaited by Lixie since the message carrying the dark mark of Black Varnix from the Old Lands had reached her. The marauder grimaced, obviously not in a hurry to receive her visitor.

A close chirping suddenly drew her attention. She turned and was startled by the face of a young Tryker who looked at her with a mischievious grin on his lips. How had he arrived there without her realizing it?!

"Hello Lixie," said the young one.

"I suppose that you are Dante?"

The Tryker laughed before answering, "The one and only! Everything is ready?"

She merely nodded. If Sirgio left her ill at ease with his strange idea to put in his scene a miniature reproduction of Aen, Pei-Zao and of herself, this young homin froze her quite simply, only with his smile… But she, the ever proud and powerful marauder, would not show it, and her cold gaze testified the same.

It is well known that a messenger can travel long distances quickly, but nothing compares to the rumor which swallows them with disconcerting speed. So, a strange rumor came over the New Lands, reaching the ears of Fyros, Matis, Trykers and Zoraï', as to a funny game that was going to be held in Aeden Aqueous very soon and that all homins of the New Lands were invited.

An angel's smile would wait for them there...

— Official Website[1]

Event Summary

This event started at 19:00 GMT, Wednesday, 26 May, 2010.
Fighting mini-Lixie

Homins started gathering at the Fairhaven Stables long before the announced time, and by the time Dante arrived the gathering had swelled into the largest crowd of adventurers that had been seen in the New Lands in many cycles. Dante first taunted the homins from afar and out of sight, before revealing himself to the crowd, who took a few minutes to admire his previously-unseen armor. He conversed with the assembled homins for a few minutes before daring them to find him in the Lagoons of Loria. Then he teleported out.

Marauders around the Lakelands

The gathered homins were left confused for a minute before all setting out to the Lagoons of Loria, either on foot or by teleport. Soon homins were scouring the region, and after a while Dante was found just west of the Lake Superior in the company of his fellow Marauder leader Aen the Desert Blade, who attacked the homins while Dante stood watching. Calls went out to all homins throughout the region to gather at Dante's location, and soon most of them found their way there and gathered into a force large enough to defeat Aen. She fell just as the group that had walked from Fairhaven arrived at the scene. Dante immediately challenged the homins to find him in Bounty Beaches, and teleported out again.

Fighting Sirgio and his mini-Pei

And so the hunt continued. Most homins teleported to Bounty Beaches to search the region. Some got lost. Others got left behind. Yet others got bored and gave up. But when Dante was found near Tupile Trade Post, this time guarded by Pei-Ziao the Pernicious, the force of homins that met him was still huge enough to make short work of the Zoraï Marauder leader. Dante declared that next he would hide in Enchanted Isle. And so this game repeated itself again, Dante quickly being found around Graveyard Walk in the company of Lixie the Furious, who was equally quickly dispatched once the army of homins arrived.

Next up, Dante called Fount before teleporting out. And as expected the homins found him there being guarded by the fourth Marauder leader in the New Lands, Sirgio the Wicked. They also found Sirgio had taken along miniature-copies of the three previous Marauder leaders they had defeated, so this battle around Bountygate Border Post took a bit longer again. But the outcome was inevitably a victory for the homins of the New Lands. Dante the Teaser, who had watched the battle, teleported out yet again and challenged the homins to find his camp in Fount.

Dante settles in Fount

Dante's new camp in Fount

The camp was quickly found south of Fount Porch Trade Post. Dante was there guarded by several Marauders. Though a few of them armed with launchers gave the first homins to arrive at the scene some difficulty, once the whole army arrived the guards were quickly defeated, and Dante himself then fell so quickly some hadn't even realised he was there. He wasn't killed however, but escaped the battle by teleporting out yet again, leaving the assembled homins with his congratulations and good luck in finding his prize.

Suddenly, chests had appeared all over Fount! The homins quickly spread out in all directions to investigate them, but found them all empty. Eventually though, one lucky homin found that a single one of the chests contained a pair of Marauder light armor pants, the kind that Dante had been wearing and the likes of which had never before been seen in the New Lands!

The homins left after that, but Dante's abandoned camp remained, awaiting his return...

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