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The Karavan Researcher needs his back covered.

An event took place on Harvestor 2, 2nd AC 2556(JY) (Saturday, 18 June) in which homins helped a Karavan researcher perform research into the Kitins' Lair.

Offical announcement

The Karavan Research Division needs homin assistants to aid in collecting data at the Kitins' Lair in Almati Wood. There is a need for guards, larvesters, harvesters, careplanners, and data collectors. Apply at the Karavan Researcher's camp outside the Ranger Camp in Almati Wood on Dua, Harvestor 2, 2nd AC 2556(JY) at 17h with qualifications and proper gear.

— Official Forum[1]


The event started at 20:00 GMT, Saturday, 18 June, 2011.

Homins met the Karavan researcher in Almati Wood and escorted him on a tour throughout the Kitins' Lair. Samples were taken of larvae and carcasses, eggs and larvae were counted, Kitins were observed and often-times killed.

The Kitins seemed to be aware of the incursion. They sent out more patrols than usual, blocked corridors and set up ambushes, but never attacked in full force.

All homins that stayed until the end received a Karavan pick.


Homins gather at the Karavan research camp. Homins meet the Karavan researcher. Homins follow the Karavan researcher to the Lair. Homins follow the Karavan researcher into the Lair.

The Karavan researcher observes as homins stand guard. The group is trapped behind a blockade and ambushed. Kitin larvae samples are taken. The group is once again ambushed from behind.

The group is ambushed all directions. Studying the Kitin movements down below. Discovery of a gigantic Kitin egg. Homins collect their rewards afterwards.