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On Dua, Pluvia 26, 3rd AC 2548(JY) at 8h* the Firewine Fest will be held. The Akenak would like to invite every homin on Atys to celebrate those who served the Empire as well as the new Akenak candidates for another Jena year. Events will be held throughout the day and include:

  • Dueling Combat
  • Race
  • Scavengar Hunt
  • Team Animal Hunt
  • Other fun surprises

Any homin may register for the dueling combat near the Kami Teleporter in Pyr. Participants must be registered for this event to participate.

* Saturday 12 Dec beginning at 16:00 GMT

— Official website


The Firewine Fest was a festival held at the end of a previous Akenaks term of service to lighten the the spirits of all the desert dwellers and all attending homins. It's aim was to let all homins see the diffrent regions of the desert aswell as celebrating the new candidates for the next Jena year. Popular events during the festival were duels, mini mektoub racing, hunts, helping a lost homin and last but not least the special Magical Menagerie!


All rewards given out during the course of this event were player created.

Event Procession

Magic duels

  • Winner: Yakapo
  • Location: Agora, Pyr

Melee duels

  • Winner: Gurthgor
  • Location: The brown sand between the merchants and the bar, Thesos
  • Rewards:
    • +3 Parry Heavy Armour crafted by Yakapo

Race - Desert Dash

  • Winner: ???

Range Duels

  • Winner: Nitrouss
  • Location: the area between the trainer house and stables, Dyron
  • Rewards:
    • Burning Fraser (Autolauncher) crafter by Glaz
      • Stats:
        • Max Range
        • Max Speed
    • Burning Brazer (Launcher) crafter by Glaz
      • Stats:
        • Max Range
        • Max Speed

Scavager Hunt

  • Winner: ???
  • Supplies for the menagerie once it will arrive:
    • 2 Fine Bodoc Skin of of at least q85
    • 7 Basic Igara Bones of at least q85
    • 10 Fine Shu Fiber of at least q10
    • 5 Beckers Bark of at least q10
    • A pair of Fine q10 Hoben Boots
  • Reward:
    • A set of boosted focus jewels crafter by Erbauer

Animal Hunt (Team event)

This is related to the Magical Menagerie

  • Winner: ???
  • Description: The matis trio have started a new venture with an animal show with

many exotic and rare beasts. On their way to Pyr for the Firewine Fest, which they are running late for anyway, they get attacked by a group of bandits and their animals break free. It will be up to teams to track down and fight the animals to make sure the ecosystem of the Sawdust Mines is not destroyed. The hunt will lead to the ramp near Dragon's Gullet Impasse to lead into the search fo the trio.

  • Reward: Boss materials

The Lost Homin

After the sudden attack from the bandits the matis trio ran away as fast as they could. One of the trio heads towards the homins at previous event for help. They went down into Outlaw Canyon near the ramp at Dragon's Gullet Impasse.

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