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Active outposts on Atys can produce specific materials and consumables that are the main focus of the wars between the Guilds. (see Outposts/OOC for the course of the wars in question). A guild that controls an outpost can build a drill there, at its own expense, to produce these materials and consumables, which are quite useful for its members to improve their characteristics and, above all, those of the items they make.

Outpost machines

There are three types of drills: those whose designs were offered to the homins by the Higher Powers shortly after the Monument's War and those designed by the Marauders in 2612. Namely: the Big Trepan of the Karavan, the Tree-bore of the Kamis and the Aklareen of the Marauders.

The quality of the materials and consumables produced at an outpost is equal to the level of the region where it is located (i.e. the maximum quality of the materials that can be harvested in that region). Thus, an outpost located in a region of level 50 will produce materials and consumables of quality 50, and an outpost located in a region of level 250 will produce materials and consumables of quality 250. As, however, extraction sometimes goes better than expected or, on the contrary, partially fails, outposts generate, from time to time and over a short period of time, products of higher or lower quality than this nominal quality.

Faction Kami Karavan Marauders
Big Trepan
Master Tree-bore Crafter Big Trepan Crafters Aklareen'h Crafter
products are Purified Modified Refined
Object's suffix -Duk -Jen -mar


Any active outpost is likely to produce materials that are specific to it but can be used by any craftsman (as are those extracted with a pickaxe by homins). These materials can be very rare (i.e. extracted on the outpost in very small quantities). Their use requires the purchase of special plans from particular trainers in order to be used. When used by a craftsman, all of them have a beneficial effect on the characteristics of his products, but each one only produces this effect on a particular type of object (see table below).

  • Materials produced by Kami-owned OPs are "purified",
  • those coming from Karavan-owned OPs are "modified",
  • and the Marauders' Aklareen'h extract refined materials.
  • There is a 4th kind of materials available from the Nexus Outposts, called “Natural” and suffixed -gen. The corresponding crafting plans are available with the Ranger craftsman in Almati Wood camp.

There is no practical difference, other than that items crafted with modified mats give off different sparkles colors.

Description Icon Usage Effet
Armilo Lichen Tools 10% chances of increasing or adding to the player stat bonus on a crafted item (see below).
Cheng Root Amplifiers 20% chances that the time credit on a spell will not be used, as long as the spell is cast within 10 seconds of the previous spell.
Egiros Pollen Picks 5% chances per action of doubling the number of materials dug. As such, they are in high demand.
Greslin Filament Picks 5% chances of prospecting a node which cannot explode or gas.
Maga Creeper Amplifiers 20% chance of "Divine Intervention" when casting a spell, which results in the spell credits - including HP and sap - not being paid.
However, it is not entirely effective; the range credit cannot be neutralised by maga amps, as divine intervention occurs when the spell is cast, and if the target is out of range, the spell cannot be cast. Time credits, too, are not affected; divine intervention occurs at the end of the cast.
Rubbarn Gum Tools 5% chances of a 20% boost to all item stats.
Tekorn Bramble Weapons +10% chances of a critical hit.
Vedice Sap Weapons 5% de chances of using a "vampire" effect, restoring the wielder all of the damage they do on that hit as HP.

Armilo Lichen

Mp lichen.png Armilo Lichen is used to craft Armors, jewels and weapon crafting tools.

Armilo tools have 10% chances to give an additional bonus to the crafted item :

  • Life/stamina/sap/focus bonus on jewellery and light armour;
  • Life/stamina or sap bonus on medium armour;
  • Life or stamina bonus on heavy armour, Shields, melee or range weapons;
  • Life or sap bonus on amplifiers.

This can, however, be a mixed blessing; you cannot control or predict which stat is boosted, so it is common when using armilo to get a stamina boost when crafting focus boosted gear, or a focus boost when crafting HP gear. Bonus amount depends on the crafted item quality, according to the following formula :

 Armilo Bonus == 15 + ( Ql / 10 )

On a 250 quality item, armilo bonus will be 15+(250/10)= 40.


Flowers are consumable items which increase a player's stats for a while. The length of time the increase lasts, and the amount of the increase, is dependant on the quality and the origin of the flower. Outpost flowers give a one hour bonus (IRL), while flowers obtained via the Wheel of fortune or some missions or events usually last less. The bonus is lost if the homin uses an invulnerability power or falls into a coma.

Outpost Flowers types
Flower con.png Constitution Flower str.png Strength Flower int.png Intelligence Flower dex.png Dexterity
Flower met.png Metabolism Flower bal.png Balance Flower wis.png Wisdom Flower wil.png Will
Bonus effect & duration
Quality Bonus Duration
q50 +5 1 hour
q100 +10 1 hour
q150 +15 1 hour
q200 +20 1 hour
q250 +25 1 hour


Ico cataliseur xp.png Experience catalyzers - or “cats” - are consumable items, usually traded in stacks of 999, which double the xp you receive while they are activated. Cats come in the same quality as the OP they are produced by, and will only work for skills lower than their quality. For instance, q100 cats will not work for any skill higher than lvl 100.

×3 Catalyzers

SInce Patch 00904#Introduction of XP x3 catalyzers from the test outposts Catalyzers wich ×3 experience increases are available from outposts.

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