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The Magical Menagerie was a display of bosses and nameds from all around Atys at the end of the Firewine Fest and then made available again during Refugee Days and was called the Miniature Magical Menagerie. This version of the menagerie contained miniaturised versions of the creatures along with some new appearances in the display.

Ladies and gentlemen, travellers from afar welcome to the Greatest Show on Atys, the Magical Menagerie!

Here you will find the fantastical creatures from the far corners of Atys. Many of these creatures have never been seen on the bark and they are all yours to gander at for the low price of 10 tickets! Feast your eyes on the delights Atys has to offer!

Today's show will be free of charge due to the kind actions of homins locating our prized beasts.

The Management

— Menagerie Barker

The display

Below is a list of all the displays and their given descriptions that has remained unchanged during all appearances of the Magical Menagerie.

Don't bite off more than you can chew with this one! This is a creature from the depths of the jungle with skin that glimmers of gold and an adorned spine. It many groan and wheeze but can still dispatch you with its many minions.
This endangered species does not handle complaints from homins well and is best left alone. If this exhibit is empty, the CSR has escaped and should be hunted down.
A special delivery from the Nexus! This carnivorous boss was not captured easily and transporting him is a dangerous undertaking. Though his name closely suggests a warm gesture, we recommend keeping your distance.
Be shocked and amazed! This beast will give you a powerful jolt if you venture too close. The bulb dangling from its head should be your warning to give it the space if needs in the Lagoons of Loria.
The winds howl through the place of the gate one might venture in but it might also seal one's fate. For out of the Halls of Darkring comes this creature you will not want to see. The darkness however, cannot hid you from this bright blue critter so you had better run if you want to escape.
Kinreys are a force to be reckoned with, but Kinkoo takes the cake and eats it too when it comes to pure nastiness. Hidden in a tree-stump, he is a popular destination for homins gathering materials.
Rarely seen! Not as large and powerful as most of the creatures in our collection, this ragus king is one of our prized pieces as many believe he only exists as a myth. Many have claimed to hear its howls but few are the ones that have seen it, and lived to tell their tale.
This terrifying creature with a mouth rimmed with teeth and thought to be mostly blind can only be found in the deepest parts of the Prime Roots.
Seeing is believing! This colossal giant is from the dank dark of the Prime Roots and is a force to be reckoned with. It enjoys feeding on homins and is known for its particular taste for Trykers. If its size doesn't scare you then its teeth surely will. If not, the you are either a brave homin or one with a death wish. If you are the latter, then we bid you adieu.
Special attraction! Be weary of this monster's noxious breath. Jugulas are famous for giving out lingering pain.
Here is a Zerx that will eat you as soon as it looks at you. All the way from the Gates of Obscurity, Wylin has made a meal of more than one enterprising forager.
From the dampness of the Void, this yetin boss will not willingly let you leave its domain.

Firewine Fest

These creatures were only displayed during the Firewine Fest.

Death Clopper 
Though commonly found in the lakes this death clopper avoided the butter sauce by dancing on command. Unfortunately, the management failed to also purchase the commands when they secured their possession. We will gladly pay in dappers to anyone who can figure out a command.
The Management
Gaze in wonder at this kizoar as he dips and dives, spears and flies. This boisterous blue bug is friendly enough to pet. Just don't get too rough!
Varinx are cuddly creatures normally, but Slyk is the black yubo of the family and does not care much for visitors. Or being petted.
Curious and strange, if you visit the Grove of the Maiden you may just see this brute with its large protruding mandible.

Refugee Days

These creatures were only displayed during Refugee Days.

Clopperketh replaces our dancing clopper as we never could figure out the commands. This clopper is unique in that she only turns on you if you bother her children in the desert dunes.
This izam is currently the only flying creature in our collection. Though he looks brilliant in the sun, do not let him fool you; with his stripes he can camouflage quite easily.
Our newest creature to our collection, Najakya hails from the jungle tropics. The bright colors should stand as a warning but more oft than not they lure in unsuspecting homins.
Thought to be the stuff of legends, this great blue ocyx's bite is worse than it's growl!
This tiny Rendokin has a powerful kick but yet an usually passive beast. His unusual sheen is due to the lichen that find his hide home.
This feline might look cute and cuddly but don't stand too close or you will be its next meal.

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