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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

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Notes: (Dorothée, 2020-10-12)

How ?

The Ryzom Community has for a long time asked to get involved in the construction of the game. There has been some tests but no actually visible results.

However, Ryzom has, by releasing its code, long ago made a step towards the open source world. This gave birth to Ryzom Core, which has established the Linux version of Ryzom, and also provides a basis for other projects of games based on the source code of Ryzom, such as Kaghanat or Tempest in the Aether. But no equivalent project has emerged to enrich Ryzom itself. Official encouragement may have been missing; a door opening and inviting the community to come in, but also a real project to unite the community.

Today we want to open that door. Finally allowing the gaming, and, more broadly, the open source communities to come participate or just watch, closely or from afar, this project that we launch and that will, if it pleases you, become yours.

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