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Political system of the Fyros Empire of the Burning Desert.

The Fyros political system remains relatively complex because of its nature. The Empire is a vast unit organized like an entity, not very reactive but powerful. When one looks at the map of the Burning Desert, one notes that there is actually only one Fyros city, and some advanced outposts or stations; this city-capital, manages all of the Empire, with buildings for the civil services, an agora, and academies. It is a system centered around Pyr and the Emperor, who holds his right to rule to the fact that he acts for his people, based on the opinions of a small panel composed of the Senate and the akenak. There are no tribes or clans federated with the Empire.

Two seats of power give voice to the people and advise the Emperor. The Senate structure is that of administration of the Empire and as adviser to the Emperor. The akenak structure is that of the day to day activities of the Empire and is the direct voice of the citizens Fyros.

On the military level, the Burned Faces are elite and answer only to the Emperor, the Imperial Army is directed by the Senate, and the Dexton Legion who carry out all kinds of missions on behalf of the Emperor or of the akenak.


  • His function is hereditary, can be relieved only by the force.
  • He decides the main trends, makes all the decisions for the future of the people Fyros, internal and external, has the last word in everything. The new laws are very few, the Empire is small, a few Fyros, and the civil servants suffice to make the task of the Emperor is acceptable.
  • He is the superior of all the bodies of the Empire, he does not take the opinions of the Senate and/or of the akenak, only on a purely informative basis, he is the chief of the 3 military sets, and can enforce justice on all the citizens or guilds Fyros.
  • He is not a despot, does not have personal ambition but remains the keystone of the Fyros Empire, which he incarnates; his decisions are the decisions of the Empire for the good of the Empire.
  • The Emperor is the Empire, he acts for the good of the Empire. The Emperor is able to change anything without consulting the Senate or the akenak.


Senate - 25

  • They are chosen by the Emperor, for life.
  • They have a role of consultants for the Emperor, their decision are only one way for him of having the opinion of the Fyros people, but the final decision always belongs to the Emperor.
  • They meet each cycle of Atys and more often if they consider it useful or if the Emperor decides it. The senators meet only between them, the arrival of an external member like a civil servant or of a soldier being an extraordinary fact, usually a request or an imperial order.
  • The two rooms, Senate and Parliament do not sit at the same time.
  • They discuss the laws, the taxes, manage the Imperial Army then submit to the Emperor the result of their discussions.
  • The senators are an assembly of ministers/councilors, without each one having a definite task: any action is taken together. The dissensions are part of the opinion delivered to the Emperor.
  • They decide expeditions aimed at the improvement of knowledge, on authorization of the Emperor or possibly proposal of the akenak.
  • They can order the imperial army to carry out certain missions, maneuvers or operations, the Master of the Armies being the only judge (after the Emperor) of the answer to be given to the request.
  • Every meeting they elect among them 2 witnesses who will write a report of that meeting, to be stored in the imperial library afterwards.
  • Only Fyros citizens can be senators (a Fyros citizen not Fyros remains an exception in the history of the Empire).

Akenak (Parliament) - Currently 5

  • They are elected by the Fyros citizens for a one Jena year duration.
  • The names of the akenak in function are known by a list posted on the walls of the Agora.
  • The akenak are elected by the system known as “of the dagger”. During which each Fyros citizen presents an imperial civil servant with a dagger on which the name of its crafter, the candidate, is registered. For this reason, the candidates thus distribute daggers made by their hand to all the Fyros citizens likely to vote for them (Fyros dagger q10).
  • They meet every six-month period (in spring and the autumn) and more often if they consider it useful. The Akenak meet only between them, the arrival of a senator of a civil servant or a soldier being an extraordinary fact, which enters within the framework of a request or an imperial order.
  • The two rooms, Senate and Parliament do not sit at the same time.
  • They elect among them with each meeting 2 witnesses who will write a report of the meeting, consigned thereafter in the imperial library.
  • They have the mission of taking care of the correct operation of the Empire, in what it has of daily activities of the civil servants of the Empire and manage the trade, the caravans, water supply and when the civil servants consider it necessary, the outposts, and minor justice. The Emperor can impose on the akenak his decision on any subject, the akenak being first of all an executive body; their decision makings are done only failing a decision of the Emperor.
  • They can order with the Legion to carry out certain missions or operations, the Strategist being an only judge (after the Emperor) of the answer to be given to the request.
  • They can be consulted by the Senate by vote at the time of great decisions where the Emperor considers the opinion of the akenak important: declaration of war, peace, high justice. This role is never but advisory.
  • They do not have personal functions, all discuss all, and vote by a show of hands in the majority the the 2/3 present.
  • Only the citizens Fyros can be elected akenak (a citizen Fyros non-Fyros remains an exceptional fact: they must receive twice more votes than a candidate Fyros at the time of the election).

“akenak” is a word of the ancient language fyros, and so invariable. one akenak, more akenak.


Burned Faces

  • They are an ancient elite corps, whose members are appointed by the Emperor in an exceptional manner, within the Imperial Army, the Legion, or most extraordinary Fyros among citizens, the opinion of the Master Ardent is compulsory.
  • They are headed by a Master Ardent, appointed by the Emperor for life and can be removed by him. The Master Ardent has authority over the Burned Faces and is accountable to the Emperor.
  • The Burned Faces have 2 lieutenants, selected by the Master Ardent.
  • Neither the Senate nor the akenak can order the Burned Faces.
  • Only Fyros citizens and veterans may belong to the Burned Faces.
  • They are dressed in black.

Imperial Army

  • It is headed by a Master of the Armies, appointed by the Emperor on the proposal of the Senate and may be removed by the same process.
  • Defends Pyr and outposts of Dyron and Thesos.
  • Conducting patrols in the burning desert.
  • It remains largely in place, and unless for special reasons not involved in any maneuver or mission or military operation.
  • Members of the Imperial Army are all Fyros citizens of the Fyros race.

Dexton Legion

  • Created by the Emperor and is managed by him, through the Strategist.
  • Strategist is selected and removed at will by the Emperor.
  • The Strategist leads the Legion and is responsible for it. He holds his position directly through the confidence of the Emperor and is accountable only to him; however, Senate and akenak may ask the Emperor to reconsider his confidence.
  • The Legion, by order of the Strategist, may carry out missions on behalf of akenak if the Strategist believes the request to be justified and reasonable.
  • Carry out missions, maneuvers and/or military operations in the Burning Desert or beyond.
  • The Legionaires are chosen by the Emperor, on the proposal of the Strategist. Their service lasts 4 Atys cycles (a year of Jena), once this period is over, each Legionary is removed and the Strategist proposes to recruit a new one. A former Legionary cannot be designated as a recruit for a period of one cycle of Atys.
  • The Emperor, on the advice of the Strategist, will decide the number of Legionaries and can allocate new charges or remove them at will.
  • Only Fyros citizens Fyros can be Legionnaire.


Suppliers of the Academy of Master Craftsmen

  • They make sure the materials necessary for the work of master artisans is gathered.
  • They manage the supplied materials for distribution to the Academy.
  • Delegate to craft the materials they need and keep the flow of materials going.
  • Employees must be Fyros citizens.

Academy of Master Craftsmen

  • Composed of a Grand Master of the Academy and Masters.
  • Members of the Academy make weapons, armor and jewelry for Dexton’s Legion, the Imperial Army, and the Burned Faces.
  • Only master craftsmen (level 250) among Fyros citizens can join the academy (a non master-craftsman must obtain special permission from the Emperor to join the academy).

Imperial Alchemists

  • They are chosen by the Emperor, deposed by the Emperor according to his desire, or for life.
  • The number is not fixed.
  • They take care of all archaeological research, scientists of the Empire, and are experimenting in their laboratory whose location is unknown.
  • Imperial alchemists are Fyros citizens.

Imperial Town Crier

  • They are chosen by the Emperor, displaced by the Emperor, or at the instigation of the Senate or the akenak.
  • Their duty is circulate the imperial announcements in the City of Pyr and the advanced Posts of Thesos and Dyron.
  • This civil servant must be Fyros citizen.


The Fyros Citizen Guilds

  • These are private groups, comprising Fyros and may be as many merchants, families, mercenaries … no formal administrative role is given to the Fyros Guild (unless it is the one of the bodies mentioned above).

Fyros Citizens (Patriots)

  • They are different from the simple people of the burning desert because of their closer connection to the Emperor.
  • They are subject to the imperial court (akenak or Emperor), and may apply to it that justice is done.
  • They elect akenak once per Jena year.
  • Only a Fyros citizen may be elected for the akenak
  • Only a Fyros citizen Fyros can join the Dexton Legion, the Imperial Army or the Burned Faces