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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-11-03)

Patch released September 16th, 2004.



  • There is now a delay when you disconnect from the game, in order to prevent abuses.
  • The "language" setting in the configurator is now effective (you don't need to edit the .cfg file for it).
  • You can now view the game credits, in the Help menu.
  • The automatic sentences said by merchant NPCs won't flood the chat window.


  • Zoraï Land has been extended, you should be able to access the new zones now.
  • Kamis and Karavan teleporters have a "kite" flying above them, so that you can spot them better.
  • New loading screens when you launch the game, teleport, leave the game, etc.
  • The animation for armor crafting ("sewing") has been improved.


  • You can select which gauges to display in your Gauges panel ; just right-click it.
  • The 4 default interface layouts (F1 F2 F3 F4) have been reviewed.
  • A button in the game configuration lets you select the hardware mouse pointer.
  • The Help pages have been updated.


  • The progression in Combat between levels 150 and 250 should be easier now.


. The chances of success in Crafting have been increased.


Bug Fixes

  • Buff / debuff effects were not calculated properly, making them mostly unnoticeable.
  • The success rate of Crafting actions wasn't calculated properly.
  • You can no longer put items in your mektoub's inventory if the mektoub is too far away from you.
  • You can no longer send your mektoub to a stable if the mektoub is too far away from you.
  • Several bug fixes in death penalty management (XP gain, system messages...).
  • When a item reaches 0 HP, you can't make it work again by delogging & relogging into the game.
  • Sometimes when gaining XP in several skills at once, the last skill processed didn't get the XP.
  • Various bug fixes in guild inventory management.
  • A very serious bug in the temporary inventory system has been fixed.
  • Character Selection sometimes made you start the game with another character of yours.
  • Bad collisions in Fyros Land could make you "fly" ; this has been fixed.
  • Several missing animations have been added.
  • A "dead bodoc shell" static object was lacking a texture.
  • In Direct3D mode, a bug made the textures on some buildings appear as pink.
  • The "pad" panel and the icon bar have been cleaned and debugged.
  • Lots of text corrections.
  • Selecting NPCs with static objets near them shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  • The camera shouldn't go through static objects anymore.
  • The Action Progression window doesn't show unimplemented actions or stanzas anymore.
  • If your target isn't a raw materials source, your character won't try to extract it anymore.
  • During patching, a small slider on the right was bugged and didn't work properly.
  • A possible memory leak has been corrected.
  • A bug exploit allowed some people to cheat during money exchanges.
  • Sometimes a black screen appeared before you could login.
  • A bug in the patching process sometimes made your game client enter a "patch loop".

Known Bugs

  • Being in a team keeps you from completing kill-missions (the kill can be attributed to the wrong player).