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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-07-19)

Patch (11) released October 13th, 2004. Release notes can be read here.

Bug Fixes


  • Craft tools now wear.
  • Used weapons breaks when they reach 0 HP.
  • Some fixes in The Prime Roots mobs lay out.
  • Re-adjustment to the ammo damages.
  • Fixed a bug in the death system, when waiting for death timer to expire. It could lead to a double death penalty in some cases.
  • Fixed some bugs in the area of effects, it could make the player blind for ever end and caused a lot of misses.
  • Fixed a progression issue with spell type 'madness'. Casters were gaining XP, but in the wrong skill.
  • In game emails and forum will be back up.
  • If you are using an ATI 8500/9000/9200, you should encounter fewer freezes on Tryker land when playing in Direct3D mode.
  • Fixed some names of mobs' missions related.
  • Some texts fixes in all languages.

Known Bugs

  • Guild Forums will not work for guilds that have a space in their name.