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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2019-02-03)

Patch (26) released November 30th, 2004. Release notes can be read here.



  • If your fame with a NPC is too low, he will now refuse to buy any items of yours.
  • Some items were still visible when browsing your to-be-sold items list at the merchant, when they should have not been removed because of the timer to sell.

Bug Fixes


  • Your sound volume preference is now saved.
  • When taking a teleport, 'movement' keys were not released, this should not happen anymore - e.g. after a teleport, player continued to run while the forward key was released.
  • You can't add any items to your mektoub inventory if it's in a far away stable.
  • NPCs now show all qualities of items.
  • Fixed an issue with area of effect when it was ending at the same tick that a new one was casted.
  • Melee, range and anti-magic aura description texts in german have been updated. Some of them were displaying wrong values.


  • Spells affecting in a damage way sap and stamina works again as intended.
  • Because of a timer fault, some mobs DOTs spells were prematurely interrupted.
  • Tribes NPCs using ranged weapons fight back again, beware.
  • Made some tuning regarding madness spells.

Foraging & Prospection

  • Fixed some error messages about failed specialized prospection.


  • The trade window size has been improved in order to match better with some longer texts.
  • Removed your name from the item description when browsing the merchant's list.
  • Improved the mouse cursor management for a better game experience.
  • Guild names and symbols are now always displayed above the characters.