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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-08-27)

Patch (30) released December 14th, 2004. Release notes can be read here.


Gameplay changes & improvments

  • You can now change your hairstyles and tattoos in game from NPCs.
  • The taunt max distance has been increased up to 25 meters.
  • The changes regarding fame with the Kamis or the Karavans impacting the other have been adjusted.
  • The hit rate actions have been re-implemented in the game for range weapons.
  • The three initial "accurate attack" stanzas are available earlier in your skill tree.
  • A new consider system (both NPCs and fauna) has been implemented for a better game experience.
  • More music has been added into the game.
  • Players have now a basic magic resistance value depending on their best skills. Jewels can modify those values.
  • You can now control your Mektoub packers from a distance up to 30 meters.
  • You can now buy different level of Mektoub packers.


  • Items price vary on the faction you have with the NPCs.
  • If your fame with a NPC is too low, he will refuse to buy any of your items.

Foraging & Prospection

  • New credit (counterpart) stanzas: -44 and -123 have been introduced.


  • You can now launch the Ryzom Configurator and leave the game at once, with a single click.
  • A new button in the Ryzom Configurator allows to launch the game directly with the changes you made.
  • For offensive items, the damage and max damage figures are now displayed on the same line as follows: damage (max damage).
  • There is now a message when you reach the total capacity of your inventory : one when you reach the maximum bulk, one when you reach the maximum number of items. A new e-mail notification service is now available.


  • The new title "Master Hand to Hand Fighter" has been added.

Bug Fixes


  • E-mail and forum services are back and running.
  • Changed the position of the light around your character.
  • Some actions were not meant to be addable to a macro, but were not easily identifiable ("Forward"…).
  • You can only use alpha-numerical characters when editing macros name.
  • Some bugs due to interferences between macros, actions and chat have been fixed.
  • Some bugs related to kill / target / loot tasks on the Nexus continent have been fixed.
  • Fixed a sound related bug in the character creation interface.
  • Some items given to a NPC for a mission were not deleted correctly, even if the mission was validated.


  • You can't use 2 teleport tickets at once . You can now right click and equip something from your inventory whilst your craft window is open.


  • You should not experience any freeze when sending a tell for the first time anymore to another player.
  • Friend / ignore list are now correctly updated.
  • Removing a personal landmark should not leave empty entries in the compass menu.
  • The Mouse Hardware checkbox from the in-game Options is now operational.
  • When trying to write in the System Info window, the following message will appear "You cannot write in this channel" instead of the System Info edit box.
  • When a chat window was popped, if you closed it and then hit 'Enter', the window was reappearing instead of giving the focus to the main chat box. It should not happen anymore.
  • Camera vertical movements happened to be 'stuck' in some circumstances, this should not happen anymore.
  • When high precision texture was selected, InGame GameConfig always asked to restart errornously.
  • The old 'block contact' command has been removed from the contact menu.

Foraging & Prospection

  • Explosions and other nasty events were occurring before the corresponding risk bars were empty.
  • The Reduce Explosion Damage stanzas have their cost reduced.
  • Some of the "Any Materials" stanzas for the specialized per mat group prospection had a SP cost at 10 instead of 0. Those points will be refunded.


  • You can go from one continent to another with your mektoub packers. In order to do that you need to use Intercontinental teleports (if they are in "Follow" mode). Other means of teleportation (like tickets) won't teleport your mektoub.


  • Access to a guild inventory is now possible after having been teleported inside a building.


  • The Parry Modifier is now working as intended.
  • If you dyied and someone healed you to much, you would have respawn at one of your respawn points.
  • The 4th Damage Over Time race specific spell is available.
  • If a fighter is under a Madness spell, he is not able to dodge/parry his own attack.


  • Zoraïs Maces, 2 Handed Maces and Spear plans had incoherent names and/or translations.