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Patch (48) released Thursday, January 27th, 2005. Patch notes can be read here.

Special Note

  • Christmas time is gone! And so are the candy sticks. Though you can't buy them anymore, you can keep the one you already have. Keep in mind that they wear just like any other item. They also might be useful at other times of the year.



  • Karavan people decided to move their Zoraï altar that was located into the Knot of Dementia. The Goo was too close for them.
  • Death Penalty now decreases over a 20 irl days period.


  • You only get a DP when killed by a mob from which you would have gained experience.
  • Items wear even if your opponents dodge or parry your hit.
  • Dodge and parry indicators are now displayed for weapons.


  • Some merchants now sell items of quality 10 and below.
  • Ibilaus Xalon, a new Melee Weapon Merchant, has just arrived in Pyr.


  • Succeeding big steps in the Encyclopedia is noticed by a specific text and fx.

Bug Fixes


  • At character creation, a player could have received two armour sets instead of one.
  • Some tuning on landscape and weather display.
  • Forwarding and replying to in game e-mails should now work as intended.
  • Several translations have been updated.
  • Weather is correctly updated when logging in game.
  • The teleport to see the Sage in Davae is working again.


  • You can exchange mektoubs without relogging in order to honour your deal.
  • You can use the Exchange interface in order to show your mektoub to another player. Take it back by cancelling the trade.
  • You cannot give a mektoub where its inventory is not empty.
  • You cannot give a mektoub to someone who has reached the maximum number of mektoub that one can have.
  • Some translations have been added concerning mektoub's food.
  • Riders should not be stuck into his mektoub mount anymore.
  • Mount / unmount buttons work as intended.
  • Introduction of new types of food for Mektoubs. They have different bulks, prices and calories.
  • Stable boys won't offer multiple versions of the same item (Mektoub, food) anymore.


  • Characters who experimented an unexpected change of their anatomy will see their natural shapes back at their normal size. This is mainly aimed at the females of Atys.
  • The swimming animations are back. No more walking on water.
  • AROUND chat tab is now the default one when logging in game.
  • In scene bubble messages and foraging interface should not be hidden by surrounding decor anymore.
  • The mouse right click contextual menu has been updated since the Encyclopdia introduction to offer those missions first.
  • If you are killed during a cyclic action, this action won't repeat itself unwillingly.
  • Any active link will now be displayed in the appropriate window.
  • Candy sticks are visible again.
  • Cosmetic tents are not targettable anymore and behave just as any other object in game.

Foraging & Prospection

  • When an area is depleted, you won't find an empty source. Instead of that, a message will be displayed.
  • Speed and Rate stanzas have been renamed into Rate-Harmfull or Gentle and Speed-Harmfull or Gentle, their descriptions have been updated with more precision.


  • The medium quality long axe plan is back, for whatever you may have to do with it!


  • Feel free to try the initiation rite as it will now bring you to a brand new adventure. For players who already did it and are stuck, expect a patch next week to validate it.
  • Escorted people were not fighting back when attacked.
  • "Visit a place" type mission will now be validated if you are in the zone with the right conditions, and not only if you enter the zone with theright conditions.
  • If you have several missions that ask you to visit the same place, visiting that place will validate all of them, and not only the first one.
  • Contextual music will now be played only when required, and not at each step of the quest.
  • You should now receive the right number of items for quest rewards.
  • The reward icon for Encyclopaedia rites should be correctly displayed.
  • Some hawkers and suppliers seemed to be willing to buy some raw materials, but they didn't. Their dialog bubbles have been removed.
  • It was not possible to validate the last step of some missions if you log out before doing it, and logging back.
  • Encyclopaedia rewards should now appear correctly.


  • Rights to loot a mob have been restored to all members of a team. Futhermore, discarding the loot will just close the window. You will be ableto open it again by looting if you want to.
  • Mobs' and NPCs' life regeneration are now correctly displayed above them.
  • The slow effect is now effectively slowing!
  • Invulerability now protects even against Goo effects.
  • The fastest a weapon is, the less it wears. That means your dagger won't wear faster than your two handed sword anymore.
  • The Hit Rate + stanza is now taken into account even when missing a shoot.


  • Some items may have been falsely displayed as having 0 HP. Their HP is now max again.


  • You can now use price filters on items where quality or level filters are not meaningful (e.g. air cuts, tools, Mektoubs).
  • If a mount stops running because it is hungy, it will resume running when fed, without the player having to click on the Run button.


  • Items won't disappear, just graphically speaking or more generally speaking, anymore during a trade.
  • Items descriptions will be more accurate.