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Patch 560 and 561 were released Thursday, September 28th 2006.

Patch 560

Release notes can be read here.


Foraging and Prospection

  • Good news foragers, some explorers have told us that the raw material spots are back to their correct locations.

Ryzom Ring


  • Here is the list of the new added components:
    • Ambush : let one or more creatures or NPC appear when a player enters a specific zone.
    • Timed Spawn : let one or more creatures or NPC appear after a certain period of time.
    • Hidden Chest : let an Item Chest appear when a player enters or leaves a specific zone.
    • Random Chest : allows you to create an Item Chest with randomly defined content, from a list specified in the chest properties.
    • Scenery Object Remover : allows you to remove a Scenary Object with an event.
    • Scenery Object Interaction Task : allows you to create a mission (given by an NPC) where the aim is to target a Scenery Object.
    • Scenery Object Interaction : allows you to trigger an event when a Scenery Object is targeted.
    • Get Item From Scenery Object : allows you to get an item from a Scenery Object, like a loot.
    • Visit Zone : allows you to create a mission (given by a NPC) where the aim is to go into a specific zone.
    • Target Mob : allows you to create a mission (given by an NPC) where the aim is to target a creature.
    • Kill NPC :allows you to create a mission (given by an NPC) where the aim is to kill a specified creature or NPC.
    • Hunt Task : allows you to create a mission (given by an NPC) where the aim is to kill one or several creatures or NPCs from a list of creatures or NPCs.
    • Delivery Task :allows you to create a mission (given by an NPC) where the aim is to deliver an item given by a NPC to another NPC.
    • Mob Hunt : triggers an event when all specified creatures are dead.
    • Proximity Dialog : launchs a dialog when a player is near a specific zone.


  • Switching to test mode or animation in a new scenario will not teleport the Adventure Master to the Spawn Point anymore.
  • It is not possible to take control of an NPC's corpse anymore.
  • The feature "request item task step" is repeatable again.
  • It is now possible to change a scenario's description on the Ring Terminal in Animation mode.
  • You now have access to your Guild Forum in a Ring session.
  • The event "What happens" "Dialog activate" is working even if the dialog is not already activated.
  • A trigger zone will not launch an event if set as non active.
  • About the Dialog macro, the events "Before Step" and "After Step" are working as intended.
  • You can now apply an event to a member of a group instead of a whole groupe.
  • Trying a helmet on an NPC won't initialise his haircut anymore.
  • Copying a group of Karavan or Kami will now leave their correct name.
  • You can now create a route over a wander zone.
  • A two plots-route will be deleted if one of its plot is deleted.
  • You will be able to set correctly the language used in your scenario (which appeared on the Ring Terminals) in the Scenario window.
  • You can now set a creature to run or to walk in his Properties window.
  • The 'Sit Down' and 'Stand Up' options have been activated for some creatures.
  • The creatures respect now the aggro range they have been given.
  • All Activity Steps will be activated as requested, even the short one.
  • An AE option can now be added to your spell in a Ring Session too.


  • A significant number of Ring Windows have been improved. They now have a better size, some new icons, scroll bars and texts have been added or corrected.
  • Guild names of more than 20 letters are fully displayed on the player control window.
  • In the Session Window, level display has been corrected
  • No text will appear in a bubble chat if it was not the way it was designed to be.
  • A case where some debug messsage were displayed in the Sysinfo window can not occur any more.
  • Properties dialog boxes were wrongly set, their display is now as it should.
  • Click on the Go Live in the main menu while being in test mode will work as intended.
  • It is now possible to set the transparency of the window of the Go back to AM mode button.
  • The dustbin and the ". . ." icons have been redone.
  • In the Scenario Window, two icons not related to the window have been removed.
  • Some windows positions have been fixed.
  • Some tool tips were missing in the Scenario Control window.
  • Some icons were missing in the Meteo Control window.
  • The button for launching scenarios from ring terminals has been redesigned.
  • The partial white border of the Map subtropic15 has been removed.
  • Customising the look of an NPC will no longer display the NPC acting in a frenzy mode.
  • You should be now able to see all players' name correctly.
  • The tool tip for the "tell Adventure Master" at the creation of dialog has been fixed.
  • The tool tip for the description of animation has been corrected.

Ring Terminals

  • If the Adventure Master unticked 'allow players' after inviting some players, those players were unable to see the session in the terminals. This have been fix.
  • Ring Terminal Windows now refresh better.
  • If after a second thought, you don't wish to create a session, you can come back to the session list thanks to the Back button.


  • Sometimes the season on the mini map in a Ring scenario wasn't the same as in game. Now the mini map displays the correct season.
  • After dying in a Ring session, the respawn map could not appear unless you zoom in or out in the minimap. This have been corrected.
  • It could happened that after a death / respawn in Ring, the Ring minimap changed for an Atys minimap. This won't happen anymore.

Patch 561

Release notes can be read here.

Bug Fix

  • The aura stanza buttons will now gray out when used as previously.