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Two patches, 602 and 604 repectively, were released on Friday, October 20th 2006.

Patch 602

Release notes can be seen here.

Ryzom Ring


  • We have reactivated the intershard trading, with the following rules:
    • Only Arispotle, Aniro and Leanon characters can benefit from the intershard trading
    • Every Ring plot item is exchangeable
    • For players on same shard all items are exchangeable
    • For players from different shards all items are exchangeable but :
      • Specially flagged items (such as outpost items)
  • As a first step in improving the chat channels available in the Ring, we've added a 'Universe' channel for players in the Ring Editor and players who are running Ring scenarios to use. The ring chat is language based. Players from Leanon have one chat channel, players from Aniro have another chat channel, players from Arispotle and Cho share a chat channel because both of these shards are English-speaking.
  • Loading Time improvment while entering a big scenario.
  • 2 Ring scenarios are now available (in English), A Heartly Meal (Nevrax Scenario) and Plight of Trigio.


  • You now have a 'back' button in the 'Listing option' windows on Animation Mode.
  • The Quit Buttons during the loading screen have been removed. If you want to quit the client during a Ring loading, hit the shift + escape key.


  • The Man Hunt Component is now Named the 'Hunt Trigger'.
  • The Target Mob Component is now named 'Target NPC'.
  • The dialog component is now placed in the 'System Component' menu.
  • The Validation Needed step is now available for the 'Scenary Object Interaction' task step
  • When you delete a zone trigger attached to a component, the component is now also deleted.
  • You can now change the aggro range for each mob in Edition Mode

Ruins Of Silan


  • The Ring Technician has just installed a Ring Terminal in RoS. Thanks to him, you can now play a Ring Scenario on RoS. There are some restrictions on this terminal :
    • If you are on a Free Trial, you will only be able to see and enter scenarios tagged RoS Only and not the player ones.
    • If you have a paying account, with a character on RoS you will be able to see and enter scenarios that other subscribers would have launched on the RoS terminal with a character from RoS as well.

Note that you can still play with RoS' players from another shard.



  • The Title for Autolauncher level 201 and 250 is back. It's time to take back your Autolauncher and make some XP !


  • Special characters in the chat are now displayed correctly in all your chat tabs.
  • You won't 'Tell' someone to enter in a Ring Animation session anymore, you now 'ask for invite'.


  • In your Identity sheet, you now have a new tab divided in 3 frames, which summarizes different new pieces of information.
    • The 'Knowledge of Atys' frame : displays the number of Ring points acquired out of the number of ring points available per mainlands
    • The 'Ring Reward Points' frame : displays the number of Ring Reward points acquired. This frame is NOT activated for the moment, but will be soon.
    • The 'Ring Ratings' frame : this frame displays the rate of your own played scenario. This ratings works as following. When a Ring session ends, a score is calculated from the sum of all points earned by your players. This score is added to your previous 'scenario score', 'author score' and 'AM score'. This frame is NOT activated for the moment, but will be soon.
  • The Ring icon on the Ring Terminal window is now replaced by a button named 'New Destination'.
  • Some User Interface's translations issues are now corrected.

Free Trial

  • We have limited the level of free trial characters in RoS. If you are playing with a free trial account you can only level your character up to 21 (in each branch).

Patch 604

Release notes can be seen here.



  • Wasteland map should fit better in its window.