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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-10-22)

Patch 1.4.0 released Tuesday, March 10th 2009. See release notes here


  • Silan missions have been reworked.
  • Crafters can now add a message to items they have crafted.
  • Added cut/copy/paste actions in the hands bar.
  • Added icons on the radar and next to names of NPCs who have missions for you.
  • Added a confirmation dialogue when deleting a macro.
  • The background picture during Resurrection should now always depend on your cult (Kami or Karavan fame).
  • You'll see a new welcome text when you enter your apartment.
  • When you now create a new character, all chat channels will be enabled by default.
  • Alt+F10 now takes PNG screenshots, they'll be saved into your base Ryzom directory in the usual place.


  • Fixed the 'ghost' slot when a player leaves team.
  • Team members now display properly on map.
  • Fixed lots of bad texts in English, French and German.
  • Fixed a crash when using special characters in a macro title.
  • Some spawn zones of Kami/Kara teleports were placed incorrectly and could end up getting you stuck; they should now be fixed.