History of the Fyros, Masters of Fire

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  • The Fyros are divided into a multitude of nomadic tribes which wander the Great Desert. They settle near the oases but especially near bothayas forests, fascinated by the fires that these trees provoke. The tribes vie for the territories rich in water and fire.
  • The Fyros first encounter the Karavan who spread the word of Jena, the mythology of the Great Dragon, and the Prophecy and, aware of the danger to the Bark from the fascination of the Fyros with fire, also teach them how to control it. The relationship remains difficult though.


  • The Fyros meet the Kamis for the first time, who try to communicate with them about the fire. However, the Fyros take them for animals and try to make of them game to be hunted, as they did with the frahars.


  • A Fyros tribe looking for water discovers the northwestern shores of Trykoth and encounters a group of Trykers who, frightened, try to avoid them. Conflicts occasionally break out. The news spreads rapidly to the desert and the Fyros tribes soon clash for the control of the first Water Route.


  • The Trykers overcome their reluctance and get in touch with the Fyros to ask for their support against the Matis who enslave their brothers northeast of Trykoth. The Fyros refuse to help them but observe from a distance the doings of the Matis.


  • A gigantic wildfire devastates the whole southern half of the Desert down to the shores of Trykoth; the smoke is visible from the closest borders of the zoraï country. Many Fyros lose their lives while trying to escape and the survivors are charged with being the cause of the disaster. The Kamis take part in the fight against the wildfire.


  • The road to Trykoth is closed and a new route is opened that crosses the territory of the Matis, who, meeting the Fyros for the first time, letting them pass for the moment.


  • Birth of Dyros.


  • Some tribes, taking advantage of the nascent trade with the Trykers, look to settle down and found cities throughout the Desert. Fyre becomes the fief of a tribe that begins to federate others, attracted by its richness, or crushed by its power.


  • Birth of Hempios, eldest son of Dyros.


  • After a great military campaign, Dyros founds the Empire of the Fyros and sets up the seat of his power in Fyre. The trade routes are secured and outposts are built.
Dyros the great


  • Birth of Dalynder, younger son of Dyros.


  • The tribe of the Dune Riders is founded by some Fyros who deny the authority of Dyros. They want to return to the nomadic way of life and refuse any contact with the other peoples of the Bark.


  • The great Munshia river dries up suddenly and the Fyros soon discover that the Matis have built a dam on its upstream course, which crosses their country. At the same time, the taxes levied by the Matis on the Water Route, which crosses their territory to reach Trykoth, are made burdensome.


  • The Fyros and the Trykers conclude an alliance and begin the construction of a 30-foot wide aqueduct linking Trykoth to the Desert. Thirty large wind turbines force water circulation.
  • Merchants and warriors of both nations construct fortified points all along the course of the aqueduct, which encroaches on the Matis territory. Thus breaks out the War of the Aqueduct (also known as War of Civilizations) between the Matis and the Fyros-Tryker alliance.


  • The Matis unsuccessfully attempt to sever the aqueduct. The alliance between Fyros and Trykers is strengthened, with the Fyros undertaking to protect the Trykers in exchange for a regular supply with water.


  • The Imperial alchemists discover, thanks to the Karavan’s teachings, the pyrotechnic properties of certain materials. The Fyros invent firearms and fireworks.


  • Dyros the Great is killed in a battle against the Matis. Hempios, his eldest son, becomes Emperor. He pushes the Fyros to further improve their knowledge of fire.


  • Birth of Krythos, Dalynder's eldest son.


  • Birth of Arispotle, second son of Dalynder.
  • Hempios dies suddenly without descendants and his brother Dalynder becomes Emperor.
  • The Great Forge of Fyre is built and Dalynder will be later nicknamed “The Pious” because of his association with the Karavan, begun upon this occasion.


  • Birth of Ryclid, third son of Dalynder


  • Krythos becomes Emperor at the death of his father, Dalynder the Pious


  • The Fyros, in spite of Dalynder's fervour, have never ceased testing the prohibitions of the Karavan, especially those about the Prime Roots. During the rule of Krythos, the Fyros miners organize themselves and found a company (the Black Faces) which enables them to develop a matchless know-how in the field of prospecting and exploitation of resources.


  • The Fyros, in search of a new battle front (to attack the Matis from the rear), make an incursion into Zoraï country taking advantage of a breach in the Great Wall and besiege Zoran which resists thanks to its fortifications. The Fyros abandon the siege but only after succeeding in setting fire to the Great Zoraï Library.


  • Krythos is seriously wounded in a battle and abdicates in favour of his brother Arispotle.
  • The Karavan ask the new Emperor to build a marvel to the glory of Jena but Arispotle, displeased by the support given his foes, the Matis, by the Karavan, refuses. The Karavan then threaten him with excommunication. It is at this time that a pack of varynx kill the mount of Arispotle during a hunt, and the Emperor, thrown to the ground, suddenly finds himself in a very perilous position. A Kami appears who repels the predators and tells the Fyros present how to heal their Emperor. In gratitude, the latter places himself under the protection of the Kamis, who, in exchange, introduce the Fyros to magic.


  • Birth of Cerakos, son of Arispotle.


  • Birth of Pythese, son of Ryclid.


  • Arispotle is killed in battle and his son Cerakos takes the throne.
  • Cerakos strengthens the pact of friendship with the Kamis and is the originator of a good part of the laws still in force nowadays, which earns him the nickname of "Just".


  • Birth of Abylus, son of Cerakos.


  • Cerakos the Just is killed in battle and his son Abylus being too young, his uncle Ryclid, last son of Dalynder, succeeds him.


  • Under the rule of Ryclid, the War of the Aqueduct, alternating between great battles and guerilla tactics, has already lasted more than a century. It changes course when the Fyros army, taking advantage of a strategic mistake of the King Noblis, captures Karavia, the holy city of the Matis, at the end of a violent counterattack. This victory relieves, for a considerable period, the pressure exerted on the Aqueduct by the Matis, whose morale is badly affected by the loss of this strategic stronghold and sacred symbol of their nation.


  • Death of Ryclid who leaves the throne to his son Pythese.


  • Pythese dies during a hunting party and Abylus succeeds him.


  • Abylus asks for the creation of a council of chroniclers to write the History of the Fyros and lays the foundations of the Great Library of Fyre. These acts bring to the Emperor the nickname of "Learned".


  • Birth of Pyto, son of Abylus the Learned.


  • Birth of Thesop, son of Abylus the Learned.


  • Birth of Krospas, son of Pyto.


  • Some Fyros accidentally discover mysterious ruins in the Prime Roots.
  • The Guild of Miners is created to study the ruins and better understand the past in order to find the Great Dragon. Thus the Empire openly defies the prohibitions of the Karavan.


  • Encouraged by their discoveries, the Fyros undertake excavations everywhere in the Desert, mining deeper and deeper. While conducting such excavations a group of miners at work not far from the town of Coriolis pierces a burning vein that quickly ignites the dry areas around. Driven by the west wind, the flames spread, destroying the nearby city, and carve a corridor of smoldering desolation all the way to the borders of the Matis Forest. The blaze rages for weeks, cutting off the Water Route.
  • The Matis jump at this opportunity and, while the Fyros increase their attempts to contain the fire, invade Trykoth, which has been left unprotected. Aniro III besieges Karavia and takes it easily from the Fyros who are deprived of reinforcements.


  • Abylus, now elderly and realizing that without the water of Trykoth, the Empire will be ended, launches a last ditch attack led by his son Pyto to restore the Water Route. Pyto manages to turn back Aniro III, who withdraws from Trykoth to protect Karavia. bracketed between the assaults of the Fyros and the guerilla actions of the Trykers led by Loria, Aniro III asks for negotiations. *The Treaty of Karavia is signed by Abylus the Learned, Loria and Aniro III. The Water Route is reopened, in exchange for which the Matis keep Karavia. Thus ends the War of Civilizations which has lasted a century and a half.


  • Abylus the Learned dies and his son Pyto becomes Emperor.


  • Pyto is assassinated by his brother Thesop who seizes power, the latter is also suspected of having murdered his father, Abylus.
  • The reign of Thesop is long despite the revolt simmering since his fratricide: the generals, many of them having fought at his brother's side to reopen the Water Route, do not forgive him this heinous crime. Thesop starts a witch hunt and orders a brutal crackdown on his opponents.


  • Birth of Cerakos II, son of Krospas.


  • Birth of Leanon, daughter of Krospas.


  • Thesop’s life ends with his being murdered. No funeral pyre is created for his funeral and his remains are thrown to the gingos. Krospas, the son of Pyto, retakes the power from the murderer of his father. During the nine years of his reign, he never stops working to undo what Thesop had wrought.


  • Krospas dies and his son Cerakos II succeeds him.
Cerakos II


  • Birth of Dexton, son of Cerakos II.


  • Excavations and searches in Prime Roots never really cease, even after the Fire of Coriolis. New work sites are opened all over the Desert. One of them triggers a horror such as homins have never known, when the Fyros break into a nest of Kitins. Frightened, the miners kill the young Kitins they encounter, triggering the anger of the giant adult insects. Their reaction, which will remain engraved in homin memory under the name of the Great Swarming, devastates first the Fyros territory from west to east. The Matis take advantage of that to attack and the Water Route is severed once again.
  • But victory is in vain because all homin civilizations are soon swept away by the fury of the Kitins. Elias Tryton appears to Oflovak Rydon and shows him the way to the Rainbows Gates. Cerakos II dies with his soldiers while protecting the access to the Refuges for his family and his people. The corpse of the Emperor is found by a miracle. The Edict of the Four Peoples is signed to secure the peace in the overcrowded Shelters.


  • Homins rise to the surface from the Sanctuary of the Prime Roots after approval is given by the Karavan.
  • Occupation of desert areas by the Fyros.
  • Exploration of the Imperial Dunes.
  • The first bricks of the city of Pyr are laid behind the site where the embalmed body of Emperor Cerakos II was burned on a natural pyre. This pyre becomes the great gate of the city.

Institution of an annual festival, the Day of the Pyre of Cerakos, in memory of all those who perished during the Great Swarm.

  • Pyr is built around a source of water and fire.
  • The tribe of the Barkers play a predominate role in collecting the necessary raw materials for construction of the new capital.
  • Leanon, the sister of Cerakos II, serves as Regent until Dexton, the three-year-old son of Cerakos, reaches the age of leadership.
  • The Karavan seal the entries to the Prime Roots Shelters and prohibit their opening.
  • The Fyros reconnect with the Kamis.
  • Re-creation of the Black Faces, former guild of miners.


  • Exploration and securing of the Imperial Dunes area.
  • The Fyros try to elucidate the mystery of the swarming of the Kitins.
  • Discord with the Karavan regarding the mining activities of the Fyros.
  • First commemoration of Day of the Pyre: during the night of the winter solstice, a procession of repentant miners carries an effigy of Cerakos II from the Cerakos Gate to the Regent's home before returning to the Gate as a symbol of permanence. The effigy is then burned on the pyre in memory of the dead.
  • Training of the tribe of the Watchers to enumerate and ensure control of fire spots.


  • The Karavan punish the Fyros miners trying to reach the source of fire. The Kamis intervene in favour of the Fyros.
  • The scholars question the Karavan's lack of help in facing the Kitin slaughters during the Great Swarming.
  • Birth of the Guild of Elias.
  • Exploration of Frahar Towers, named after the frahars present in these places.


  • Banishment of the Karavan altars from Fyros towns.


  • Arrival of the first refugees of the route of the Exodus leading from the Old Lands, opened by the great itinerant Fyros merchant Oflovak Rydon.
  • Establishment of a welcome center to facilitate the integration of Fyros refugees into the new society.
  • Act of Integration allowing homins to join their respective civilizations.
  • Creation of a Safety Zone.
  • Settlement of Aegus, Kaemon, Sekovix, Phyxon and Galemus camps to welcome and train Fyros refugees.


  • Creation of the villages of Thesos and Dyron.
  • Reduction in the number of refugees from the Exodus.
  • Secret exploration of new areas in the Prime Roots.


  • Arrival of the great fighter Kalus Hym, coming from the Old Lands with new methods of combat. He had shared the route of the Exodus with great fighters from other nations gathered in the guild Force of Fraternity.
  • Installation of the first outposts.


  • Detection of the first signs of Kitin presence on New Lands.
  • Signing of the Pact of Mutual Assistance (PMA) by Leanon, Hoï-Cho, Yasson and Rigan Mac'Darrell to fight together against the Kitins.
  • Installation of a Fyros contingents on each continent.
  • Campaign of the Force of Fraternity, a guild composed of homins of different races, in order to rid the New Lands of hostile Kitins.


  • Tracing and opening of new trade routes on foreign lands.
  • Creation of the guild of Trail Blazers.
  • Construction of the great forge of Pyr according to the plans of Xamus, the great Fyros craftsman.


  • Return home of the members of the Force of Fraternity guild after two years of campaign against the Kitins.


  • Death of Kalus Hym while protecting Dexton.


  • Open challenge by the Great Sage of the role of the Karavan and the teachings of Jena.
  • The multiracial Guild of Elias gains popularity on homin lands.
  • Resurgence of the Kitins are held in check thanks to the new combat methods inherited from Force of the Fraternity.


  • The Guild of Elias is depicted as a sect opposed to the Church of Jena and is banished by the Karavan.
  • Opening a path between the Prime Roots and Tryker territory.
  • Actions of tribes and mercenary bandits fuel a general feeling of insecurity.


Dune Riders' emblem
  • Fyros-Tryker commercial agreement.
  • Creation of the tribe of the Renegades, pro-Karavan.
  • Reconstitution of the ancient pro-Kami tribe of the Dune Riders based in the Savage Dunes.


  • Establishment of tolls on trade routes under Matis authority.
  • Passage through the Prime Roots made difficult because of the monitoring of the Karavan.
  • The Fyros use the Zoraï routes to avoid having to pay for their passage through Matis territory.
  • Revocation by the Matis of the Edict of Four Peoples (signed in the Prime Roots in 2481).
  • Signature of a Pact of Alliance between the Zoraï Great Sage Hoï-Cho and Leanon under the patronage of the Kamis.


  • The Matis chase the Tryker contingents from the Verdant Heights and go to war in the Lagoons of Loria in Aeden Aqueous for water resources.
  • Autumn War between the Trykers and the Matis.
  • Dexton leads Fyros contingent to reinforce the Tryker front. It passes through Zoraï lands where Mabreka Cho warns him of the danger of war between homins.


  • Dexton is proved to be a great warlord during his campaign in the Lakes.
  • Dexton is made prisoner by an elite Matis troop.


  • Mabreka negotiates the release of Dexton in exchange for a million dappers.
  • Leanon, Yasson, Hoï-Cho, and Mac'Darrell sign a Treaty of Peace on the Watergate Border Post about the Lagoons of Loria, which become a free zone.


  • Dexton is proclaimed emperor following the death of Leanon.
  • Creation of the guild of The Burning Faces.


  • Mabreka Cho is exiled to Pyr.


  • A surcharge is imposed on Fyros goods routed through the Verdant Heights.
  • The Fyros pass through Zoraï lands to carry on exchange with the Trykers.
  • A fire in Zorai territory is blamed on Fyros travelers. The Zoraïs block the trade routes crossing their territory.
  • Creation of the tribe of the Leviers in reaction to the persecution of the Fyros orchestrated by the Matis.


  • Invasion of Fyros lands by the Matis. Dexton, with help of Mabreka, puts them in a rout in Sawdust Mines.
  • Following the Matis campaign in the Burning Desert, Fyros and Zoraïs sign an alliance pact in the event of a Matis attack.
  • Mabreka becomes the new Zoraï chief and allows the Fyros to follow trade routes in the Jungle.


  • Persecution of Fyros established in Matis territory.


  • Birth of Lykos, son of Dexton and Xania.


  • First signs of Kitin presence in the Dunes of Exile.
  • The Fyros and the Zoraïs unite to fight the Kitins (until 2513).
  • The Matis conquer the Lagoons of Loria.


  • The Matis retreat from the Lagoons of Loria.


  • Signature of the Peace Treaty of Fairhaven by Mabreka, Dexton, Still Wyler and Yrkanis.


  • Summit of Hoï-Cho: the four homin leaders (Yrkanis, Dexton, Mabreka and Wyler) sign a Free Trade Agreement to allow free movement of goods across all homin territories.


  • Ratification of the Homin Rights Act at the instigation of the Tryker Council.


  • Discovery of ruins in the Prime Roots.


  • The descendants of the unfortunate who had not been able to reach the Rainbow Gates in time, come every day to increase the population.

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