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de:Wie man neue Tests anfordert en:How to request new testing
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This document attempts to give you information about how you can request a testing to be done by the Test Team. To prepare such task is not easy and we need your cooperation and help. There are several steps we need you to do that will help team coordinators to prepare testing. First part is dedicated to steps that are necessary to undertake when a new task is created. Second part describes what will happen with your task and when your attention will be needed again.

Test board organization scheme
Test board organization scheme

Creating new task

First of all you need to create a task on the [Team] Test board. We understand that you also have your work to do so feel free to contact team coordinators to perform all the following steps.

Server to perform testing on

There are three columns where to start. Choose the one related to a server where the testing will take its place. Please do not place your task to any other column and wait a team coordinator to review task details, your change on the server and let him to prepare a testing. Please make sure that desired change you want to test is really present on the selected server.

  • Waiting for Yubo for all tests on the developer's server, it is expected that tasks without issues will progress to Gingo after the testing.
  • Waiting for Gingo for all tests on the testing server, it is expected that without issues will progress to Atys after the testing
  • Waiting for Atys for all tests on the live server

Provide task details

After you choose a column corresponding to desired server, we need you to provide all necessary details. We need to know what is the matter of the testing, if there are any testing/debug tools we can use, where and how we can test your change on the server and what is the overall deadline for testing. Optionally link us all necessary documents and other tasks related to this task but remember that testers will probably not have permissions to access these information either...

  • Give permissions to the Test team
  • Copy all necessary content to another document the team can read or directly to the task description

Do the task adjustment

Test Team board task ready to be processed
Test Team board task ready to be processed

Next thing you need to do is to adjust the task. Please perform the following:

  • Set its colour to yellow to indicate the task is ready to be processed by a team coordinator.
  • Add a tag sticker with a responsible developer name so we know who to contact for additional information.
  • Notify team coordinators on the chat about the task

The task is now prepared. Please respect following instructions:

  • Do not assign the task to any team member
  • Do not move the task to any column with running tests
Test board process diagram
Test board process diagram

What happens next

Once the task is created on the board, you have to wait until one of Test team coordinators will overtake the task and prepare a test. Feel free to alert them on the team chat. Optionally you can take the role of coordinator yourself and do necessary steps yourself. Basically, the following progress will follow these steps:

  • Assignment of the task to a coordinator who become the next test guide
  • Review of the task and changes on target testing server
  • Preparation of the testing PAD
  • New test opening
  • Closing and evaluating of the test
  • Task progress or return based on test results. Read theory of task lifetime on the board for more information.
    • When there were no issues blocking task progress found, it can move right to next server or to Done column
    • When there were any issues that prevent task progress found, it will be moved back
  • Update of the task to include all issues as sub-tasks, update of tag stickers
  • Unassignment of the task, notification of its developer and/or Translation team

Test is closed

Test Team board task opened for testing
Test Team board task opened for testing

When a test is closed, it does not mean the task is finished. In case there were any issues discovered during the last test, it is your turn again. The task was returned back and updated. Read all its sub-tasks to learn about known issues, that exists in three types:

  • issue - an important or critical issue that significantly affects the game play like wrong functionality, exploit or incomplete parts
  • minor - a minor issues that must be solved but does not prevent using of the feature, for example wrong or missing translations, wrong elements layout, missing icons or unclear instructions for players
  • clarify - all aspects that were not understandable for testers like attributes that were not part of your details specification, unexpected behaviour or results of possible combination with other game features

All related details are in the last testing PAD and also testers feedback or suggestions. Please review them and fix all that is possible. If something is not clear or you need more details, feel free to contact previous test guide or other team coordinator on the team chat. Once you are done with changes and those changes are available on the testing server, do the task adjustment and all repeats until all issues that block task progress are solved.

It is not a bug, it is a feature

Test Team board task with known issues
Test Team board task with known issues

An existing issue, especially those of minor or clarify type, do not necessary mean there is any work needed. It depends on the matter of the issue and your vision about the change that is subject of testing. It might happen that the test guide or testers did not understand your purposes or something they consider to be an issue is a feature after all.

Too complicated to solve

It might happen that a discovered issue is not directly related to the task or is too complex to be fixed withing testing task or the source of problem lies in other component. In such case the issue remains open until the end of the task lifetime and before it is moved to Done column a separated task is created on the Bugs board to be solved in the future.

Issues resolved

When no issues blocking the task progress remain open, the task can move to next server on right on the board and the whole process repeats for that server. In such case your only responsibility is to make sure the change is present on that new server so testing can continue. This repeats until the task gets to the last Done column.