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Quick Start

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a system that facilitates transfer of messages in the form of text. The chat process works on a client/server model of networking. IRC clients are computer programs that a user can install on their system. These clients are able to communicate with chat servers to transfer messages to other clients. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfer, including file sharing. .

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A quite complete tutorial is available here:

To connect directly, without searching much, just go on Enter the user name you want to use in “nickname”, for example your IG character name. “channel” is simply ”#ryzomforge”, already filled in. You can choose another channel name if you want. Copy the captcha (numbers or text in the images) without error and click on “Connect !”

You'll join Ryzom Forge channel.

Once connected, you can enter /join #nameofthechannel to join other channels.

Ryzom IRC channels

Ryzom is using the Freenode network. The various channels are:

  • #ryzomforge: if you want to talk about content additions in Ryzom, and join in the Bark growth. This channel is another aspect of this wiki.
  • #ryzomatys: if you want to talk about the "Lore" aspet. Related to the Ryzom wiki and the Event team.
  • #ryzomsupport: to get support on the various clients. In case of crowd, there are two other specific channels, depending on the OS:
    • #ryzommac: to talk specifically about Ryzom on Mac.
    • #ryzomlinux: to talk specifically about Ryzom on Linux.

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