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Great Organic Architect, known for his proposed plant wall that gave its name to Fleeting Garden. Tutor to the King Yrkanis

A takeaway from Matisian story

When the great Matis artisan, Lenardi Bravichi, came to the Prime Roots that had become home to the homin peoples following the terrible swarming, he could hardly contain his emotion. In a frenzy of creation he set about working on patterns and prototypes that would serve as furniture for the time the homins would reside there. One of his greatest creations was his colored lamps made of living luminous flowers which served to light up the high and otherwise gloomy corridors.

His life


  • He began realising his plans for wall of roots and beauty, meant as protection against marauder invasions, the Fleeting Garden. He started in 2485 he continued his work work until it was interrupted by the Kami, giving the region its present name of "Fleeting Garden"(or "ephemeral").




Bravichi Lenardi
Lea Lenardi
Filia Taloa