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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-06-16)

Function used for the How to create missions.

Purpose: The player must purchase specific items. It is possible to require the player to buy from a given NPC by entering his or her name tag.


name: The name of the action, used only by the mission creator.

npc_name (Optional): Tag of the NPC to whom the player have to make his purchase.

hide_obj (Boolean): Prevents the step from appearing in the mission log.

overload_objective (Optional): Allows to set a specific description for the mission. Refer to reference document for texts for formatting constraints.

roleplay_objective (Optional): Allows to add a description of the step.

Item/quantity/quality: Field containing the description of the objects to be sold. Refer to the complex object statement for formatting constraints.

Default variables

npc_name (bot): $npc$

For item number X
Variable name Formal expression Example

Item_type (item)



Item_quantity (int)



Item_quality (int)



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