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Notes: (Ledania, 2022-03-20)

This is a short checklist that you, as a new member of the Test Team, can use to make sure everything is ready.

Access to necessary chat channels

Make sure you see all following channels on the Ryzom Chat and that you can speak there. Contact Tamarea to gain access.

Access to all game servers

Make sure you have installed 3 separate clients to connect different servers and that you can connect to all of them. Contact Test Team coordinators if you have troubles to configure your clients and Tamarea to gain access.

  • Yubo, the development server
  • Gingo, the testing server
  • Atys, the live server

Access to Kanboard

Make sure you are able to see the Test Team Board and display a task details. Contact Tamarea to gain access.

Access to the Cloud

Make sure you are able to see Test-Team folder on Ryzom Cloud including subfolders, make sure you can read files, mainly PADs. Contact Tamarea to gain access.

Account on Wiki

Make sure you have a valid account on the Ryzom Wiki and that you have added yourself into the list of testers. Contact Zorroargh to create account.