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Personal Amber
Paera Ama Din Covee
Scientific researcher and Journalist
Guild Assemblée des Lacs
Rank Secretary
Race Tryker
Nationality ?
Cult ?

Identity Card

Name : Paera Ama Din Covee (Paera)
Race : Tryker
Important Roles :

  • Journalist : Head of the "Science" division and of the "Tryker Policy" and "Tourism" sections of la Nouvelle Feuille d'Atys (the New Atys Sheet), one of the first Atys newspapers.
  • Permanent Secretary of the fr:Assembly of Lakes guild.
  • Inventor of the Luciography, Tryker image capture technique, allowing to capture in an almost instantaneous way and in color everything that the homin sees in almost every situation: the Lucios or Luciograms. She published the article describing the invention in 2525 AJ. in «La Nouvelle Feuille d'Atys» ([the New Atys Sheet).

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