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Pocket Worlds

The dev team has modified a bit Ryzom's code in order to allow the use of the system of apparments and to extend it to any part of Atys. This change make it possible to use any area as an instance in which it would be possible to launch ARK scripts. This allows to have an equivalent to the Ring (*) (even if some aspects will differ or will be impossible to implement), but nonetheless more flexible. Moreover, the scenarios would be hosted server side, which will allow a scenario to be run even if its creator isn't on line. (Each player will be able to launch his/her own instance of scenario and invite whoever they want: that's the reason why it has quickly been known as "Pocket World").

Since the Dev is using the instances system that already exists on Ryzom, and which is used for the apartments and guild halls, once extended, this system allows access to a double of some part of Atys (continent or island), empty of any NPC or mob. The foraging spots, however, are strictly the same ones and so, digging won't be available. The Ring maps ( http://r2-maps.bmsite.net/# ) are accessible and it was possible to activate AI there.

It is possible to pop NPC, creatures and objects in a Pocket World. Popped entities exist only in this one: it is hence possible for another player to use the same map in another scenario without this one being affected by the things created in the first scenario. However, it is not possible to add mats on an instance, because this one would exist in all other scenarios using the same map. (Anyhow, as said above, digging will be deactivated.)

The Ryzom Arkitect tool (previously known as ARCC) can be used in the Pocket Worlds: every player wishing to create a scenario in a Pocket World will hence be able to do it.

Experience points, loot, digging and death penalties will be deactivated by default, in order to avoid possible abuses. In the other hand, it will be possible to active them (except for digging) in an official Pocket World.

It is hence possible to create whatever you wish on a map of the game (except for the mats) and to open it to all players easily. It may be a formidable springboard for the creation of a new zone by Ryzom Forge!

(*) Ryzom Ring allowed the players to create and animate their own role play scenarios within Ryzoms universe, on maps accessible to everyone through a unique entry point: the Ring terminals. Ring was runing on a separate server and the scenarios were hosted client side, meaning that a scenario could only be opened if its creator was on line. The Ring has been closed shortly before the servers merge for economical reasons, but it was deeply missed by many players and we have tried to revive it as much as we could.

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