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de:Fehler melden
en:Report a bug
es:Informar de los errores
fr:Signaler un Bogue
ru:Сообщить об ошибках
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Don't blame the contributors, but come and help them 😎

Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Leda, 2023-06-27)

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What you will need

There are three ways to report a bug:

  1. From Ryzom Chat via the command /bug (recommended)
  2. From the game via a Ticket which will then be sent to the CSR
  3. Directly on Gitlab

⚠️ Apart from the in-game ticket, the other two methods require a Gitlab account:

Using the /bug command on RC

The command is fairly simple to use. In any RC channel type /bug <bug title>
<bug title> must be a sufficiently self-explanatory title, for example:

/bug In Daily Missions, the Occupations missions are not refreshed at the end of 20h

⚠️ It is strongly requested to make tickets in English through DeepL ( if needed.

It is possible to add, in comment, explanations in English and in the original language. Once the command /bug typed with the title of the bug, a message of answer will propose you different categories.
Each category represents a project and choosing the right category will help to better classify the tickets. The misc category is used to store tickets that don't fit into one of the categories

Bug command rc.png

The category link sends to the Gitlab site to complete the ticket with a comment and possible screenshots: Gitlab issue.png

Finish completing the ticket and create the issue.

🎉 Good to know: The team in charge of the project will be notified when the ticket is created

Using the Ticket System from within the game


Issues on Gitlab


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