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Notes: (Zorroargh, 2018-10-28)

Rykea is a project proposing new items for RyzHome apartments.


Catalog Rykea project is proposing new items for RyzHome apartments.

Ideas of objects to model

  • A mannequin on which to put an armor in demonstration (heard on the Universe - a player wanted to expose her refugee outfit, but I guess if it's done, it should be possible for any armor)
  • Hangings national patterns, which would be double-sided, so you can divide the space or dress a wall.

Apartments location

If you are on the test server, or if you have rights csr / anim, you can teleport to the coordinates of apartments to test different renderings:

  • Tryker apartment: 20681, -435
  • Matis apartment: 20029, -436
  • Zorai apartment: 20354, -438
  • Fyros apartment: 21001, -439

"Draft": List links to tutorials to add the objects, how to test in. ..